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A Bit Of Groups Housekeeping

I decided it was high time a had a look through the groups I am a member of to check which are active as I have noticed when adding new works that some are ‘not accepting works’ or have ‘closed’ added to the group name.
…. and the outcome?
I found 35 that showed no recent forum or host activity!
And I am not 100% sure I caught them all.
On the plus side it is great to see some of my favourite Groups are still ‘up an at ’em!’
I was starting to panic when the first 2 of the ‘eye’ related groups were no longer active but then found Accentuate The Eyes was still going strong :)
I am personally very grateful to some of the fantastic hosts of my favourite groups who must be constantly engrossed in keeping theire group or in some cases many groups lively and interesting.
I only host one group and (am ashamed to say!) seem to struggle just to find the time to moderate and feature some works! Never mind forum discussions and challenges.
So a big thanks to you all.
You are Stars :-)
If I miss any groups out….. I do apologise!

Core [C.O.R.E]


1 on 1: The Fine Art of Human Portraiture – Traditional Mediums

â–º No More Color â—„

Accentuate The Eyes (people only please)

All Out Emotion


Freedom of Expression

Inside the Self Portrait (3/24 hours)

Finks of Inks

HEADSHOTS!! (nipple line up)


Exaggerated Emotions

Solo Exhibition

Voices of the Dark and the Deep

Shameless Self-Promotion

Unconventional Artistry – 3 per day

Wear your art

Printmakers and Printmaking

and Finally I guess I should add mine … :-)
ACEO’s – Art(ist) Cards Editions & Originals *NO PHOTOGRAPHS***

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