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D Byrne

Gold Coast, Australia

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First real Storm of the Season

First real storm of the season and once again it split and bypassed the Gold Coast. I did manage to loose my ND filter into the Nerang River as it fell off the stuffed lens screw in holder(from mishap storm chasing ages ago). As I cursed I missed the only decent strike. Did I do something to annoy the Photography Gods lately?


  • PatriciaMita
    PatriciaMitaalmost 4 years ago

    ha ha ha ha ha ha Better luck next time sorry about the filter! grrrrrrrrrrrr!
    I know the feeling!!!!

  • I did consider using the Polariser filter but thought, it’s pretty bright and I do need to slow things down a bit. Normally the lens is wrapped pretty tight with Gaffer Tape except for today.

    – D Byrne

  • yolanda
    yolandaalmost 4 years ago

    We had a crazy storm here in Sydney . . .of course I am at work and my camera is at home :-(((

  • I was reading about a Golfer who was struck/killed by Lightning down your way today.
    Tomorrow looks good on the soundings I’m looking at

    Been sometime since I’ve seen the Purples in the Cape.

    – D Byrne

  • onefourseven
    onefoursevenalmost 4 years ago

    I’ve been waiting 3 Years to catch a local storm with a nice background setting!!
    Been on holiday in Greece for the last two and the other times I’ve had an early start for work the next morning and gone to bed early only to be woken by thunder! :(
    We only get 1 or 2 good storms a year here in the UK.
    The only shots I have so far are from my doorstep in the burbs. :(

    Waiting patiently….

  • Normally we’d have had a few decent storms by now on the Gold Coast. Been plenty of rain events and little sunshine and for Summer the temperatures barely reached 30 degrees. I’m located where that bottom circle of Purple is and it’s looking like there’s enough instability to trigger a decent storm tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed and I’ll get my gear ready now.

    – D Byrne

  • Vicki Ferrari
    Vicki Ferrarialmost 4 years ago

    Oh bugger aye Drec, re ND, passing storm, and what did you do to annoy the Photography Gods?! :)))) I think we might be in for a few more storms though, what do you think Drec?!! :))))

  • Neglected my Camera. Looks like a band will be coming through shortly, give it about half an hour and you might get a little more heavy rain. The god stuff is sliding up Beenleigh/Logan way more.

    – D Byrne

  • Vicki Ferrari
    Vicki Ferrarialmost 4 years ago

    I can feel it and hear it!!! :)))

  • All the good stuff will miss the Coast so no real light shows to watch. I like the look of the soundings for Friday though. Just need a little clear sky, bit of heat and it’ll be on. Throw in an afternoon Nor Easter just to add some extra cool air to the mix.

    – D Byrne

  • Jeremy  Jones
    Jeremy Jonesalmost 4 years ago

    Ohh yeah! 4000+ CAPE, numbers like that always puts a smile on my face! But, usually with numbers like that, you got to watch out for a CAP bust! Good luck Bro!

  • Further North the storms have been more Severe with large hail and structural damage. Spring should have been the start but temps never reached 30 degrees Celsius(first time in a very long time). So much rain that there was flooding in 5 states of Australia at the same time and Wednesday was the first Real Storm to cross Brisbane.

    – D Byrne

  • Matt Duncan
    Matt Duncanalmost 4 years ago

    Sorry to hear of the misfortune Drec (Filter and Storm).
    I wouldn’t be too worried about missing any storms though, as I think we will have plenty of chances this season.
    Apparently there was a good gust front over the tweed today.
    Yesterday I witnessed a very nice shelf cloud on the front of the first cell to hit Brisbane, followed by the second cell which displayed some crawlers and CG’s.
    Today was a miss for me, with too much rain. Nothing photographically worthwhile unfortunately.

    Happy hunting, and good luck over the next few days.

  • I damaged this lens on a chase sometime ago and normally I carry gaffer tape in my bag to wrap around the front plastic ring(where you screw the filters on) as it’s cracked. Almost went for the polariser but had that last minute change of mind. My lens is tapped and ready to go and hopefully tomorrow will be productive.

    – D Byrne

  • Ann  Van Breemen
    Ann Van Breemenalmost 4 years ago

    You should have been at my place at Paradise Waters, D. Thursday arvo and night I counted at least four huge strikes on the Q1 spire, and that was the ones I saw. Three were within ten minutes of each other. Not to mention the ones that lit up the rest of the sky. Unfortunately my camera is being repaired so I couldn’t do anything about it. It did make a spectacular sight though. And I’m sure there will be others.:)

  • I did see a large CG when I was setting up. Taller than Q1 and further south. I still find shooting in the daylight hours very testing. There’s a few small scattered cells starting to appear on the 128km loop.
    Was kind of hoping for a little less cloud cover today though.

    – D Byrne