D Byrne

D Byrne

Gold Coast, Australia

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Sometimes I take pretty pictures.

I’m Derek, Gold Coast Photographer who now spends more time at FaceBook than here.

Or you can find my website drecart

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I’ve been playing around with Time-Lapsing a lot lately using Magic Lantern. Slowly my results are getting better. Collection of video’s can be found here drecart
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Own A Canon DSLR?

Have you tried Magic Lantern? / Here’s my first Automatic Sunset Bulb Ramping attempt. On FB….. / FB / Goes for 16 seconds. Consider 399 exposures plus intro and credits….. / Let me know what you think.
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First real Storm of the Season

First real storm of the season and once again it split and bypassed the Gold Coast. I did manage to loose my ND filter into the Nerang River as it fell off the stuffed lens screw in holder(from mishap storm chasing ages ago). As I cursed I missed the only decent strike. Did I do something to annoy the Photography Gods lately?
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ProPixWorkShop Video

The guys from ProPixs have just uploaded a short little video from their recent Photography Courses held down at Greenmount Beach. If you’re interested in seeing me at work, try and work out who I am. I’ll give you a hint, I’m the scruffy looking one. / ProPix
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