Haven’t really put any of my work up for others to see yet…self-taught, skipped uni in pursuit of travel and adventure, but still may go and study literature and languages??I am studying to become an ESL english teacher, and am currently working on a styrofoam sculpture (my first) and getting mighty inspired by all the tremendous creativity on this site. Red Bubble is my new fave place to go. Also into painting runaway hubcaps and using shards of shattered mirror to make figures on wooden blocks that I find around the place. Guess I’m a wombel at heart!I want to learn sign language (at some point) and I love learning new languages…Spanish is the latest. Writing is something I would like to progress with, but have been blocked of late. Working on that one, just doing small stories…I like to use real experiences of mine to draw on. Would LOVE to make an animated harvey crumpet-esque type short film, and have a story but no experience in animation as yet…

I have written a kids book and have yet to publish it…I’m pretty stubborn you see, and only want to self-publish.

Anyway…at some point I may put stuff up here…but for now I am just enjoying being a voyeur to all the fabulous works of art here on this site. I’m really grateful to have found this place.
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