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"Anti-virus action" virus threat

I got hit by it and had no choice in the matter. It was not called “thinkpoint” (other known virus that is out heavy),but it has the same kind of run, like a security program, wanting me to run it and so on. / Called “Antivirus Action” it blocked every single malware and virus program i have from opening! not only that anything i tryed to open it soon shut down unless i had it alread…
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papergirl sf showing my art

Papergirl sf got my submissions in time and i am happy that i am in the art show in San Francisco tomorrow noon at the woman’s building. / MIght be in the area when the show opens so i hope i can get in to take a look and maybe see who is looking hehe.
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papergirl san francisco

pasted info of papergirl / california area is where your art is distributed when it is over / sorce and for more info ~~ / Papergirl is, in essence, a mail-art and delivery systems art project that is participatory, analogue, non-commercial, and impulsive. / Submitted artwork is distributed like a newspaper but not edited or printed like it, the artwork is rolle…
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revocery from the tech issues has gone smother than expected. im quite happy about that. rebuilding my page should be compleet soon and i can return back to work**or should i say play lol** making bran new pics. yeay!! :)
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