I have been a member of the West Shore Photography Club since 1994 and I have been the club Vice President for almost as long as I have been a member.

At one time I had a “mini” studio in my home where I photographed many children and animals. Photography now is my fun thing to do.

I also served as a leader in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during Scott Kelby’s Second Annual World Wide Photo Walk in 2009.

In the fall of 2011 I assisted photographer Dennis Baker (President of the West Shore Photography Club) in doing a “nudie” calendar with the models from a retirement home in Mechanicsburg (Bethany Towers). They wanted to do the calendar to help raise money for a bus to take residents to various places. The models were residents of the retirement home from age 74 to 87 — these amazing women were funny, fearless and focused on their goal! My job was to pose them and place props to ensure some kind of privacy while Dennis waited in another room. The calendar has been wildly popular and they have, as of January 2012, sold over 4,000 calendars. It was certainly my bright spot of 2011. NOTE: these gals NETTED over $42,000!! They added that to the $28,000 they had already saved over the years and they have now ordered their very custom bus!!!!

  • Joined: March 2008