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doreen connors

Massachusetts, United States

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doreen connors

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Doreen Connors – a selection of fiber art

read an interview with me conducted by Benjamin Dean on his site called How to Do Meditation
- about my personal awakening and what the natural state of meditiation ‘looks like’ in everyday life

effortless endeavor [the book, volume 1]

winding the thread
…leaving the labyrinth…resting in the heart

  • Age: 58
  • Joined: February 2010


Children Crossing the u.s. border

“We petition the Obama administration to: / Treat unaccompanied minors as refugees eligible for asylum rather than undocumented immigrants” /
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Postcard Project

To All RB Friends: / Please send me Your snail-mail mailing address in a private message to receive a postcard from me! THANKS!!!
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Dear Friends...

i’ve been…. not keeping up with what everyone is creating, here, at rb, for quite a few weeks…. / Busy, knitting, and completing the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project … OY! / [ha donna ;-)))] / and other stuff… / I miss ‘being here’… in a way… / and it unfolds… to ‘return’…soon…. me thinks! / Love and Hugs, …
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Never Not Here, Australian Tour... :-))

Never Not Here / [Video]
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