Welcome to the doodling part of my brain. The part that litters the internet with various illustrations of badass girls, bold colours and heavy outlines. I occasionally throw a skull in there too, because I like that kind of stuff.

I’ve always been a fan of good old fashioned pen and paper, and this is still my favourite way to work initially, but a decade ago I discovered graphics tablets and my world changed. No, that isn’t some weird artistic drug, but a new way of developing my art digitally, which has now allowed a whole new dimension to my creativity.

Illustration has always played a rather large and important role in my life. I’ve had many pieces published as well as selling most of my artwork on my own clothing range and creating numerous logos, branding and marketing for small to large businesses.

If you are interested in me creating an illustration for you, either for a publication or personal use just contact me to discuss details.

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