Gosport, United Kingdom

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I’m an ex-art student and semi-professional doodler. I like vectors, science fiction, pop culture and general silliness. Preferably in a Monty Python kind of way.

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How's That for a Slice of Fried Gold? on Shirtpunch - March 8th

My Shaun of the Dead themed design ’How’s That for a Slice of Fried Gold?’ is available from just $10 at Shirtpunch today (Sunday March 8th). / Also, because I’m just that kind of guy, I’m giving away this sketch of Zombie Ed. Check out my Facebook page to enter…
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Bullet Time Bill on FreshBrewedTee Jan 18th & 19th

When you’re ready, you won’t have to dodge Bullet Bills. / Bullet Time Bill is available at on January 18th & 19th from just $12. / They have the largest range of sizes available anywhere and great quality prints. Well worth checking out!
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Antilles School of Flying on Shirtpunch Today (July 26th)

Antilles School of Flying is up on Shirtpunch today. Prices start at just $6.99! I’m pretty sure its never going to be this cheap again so if you like a bargain get over there before the timer runs out because its only available today (Saturday July 26th 2014). / I’m also running a giveaway on my Facebook page to win this silly sketch. Go to the Doodle Dojo page to enter.
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Ripley & Hicks Exterminators at teeVillain June 8th

My Ripley & Hicks Exterminators design is up at teeVillain today (June 8th) with a rather nice front & back print variation. Its only $11 (£11 in the UK including shipping!) but only for today so get yourself over there and get one now! / I’m also running a giveaway for this marker sketch of Ripley over on my Facebook page. Head over there if you want a chance to win.
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