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Westmead, Australia

A stunning intro into the beauty thats still abounds in the Sydney basin. / I have put a lot of work into getting the photos in the...

Terrace falls Blue Mountains

I decided to head up to the Blue Mountains on Sunday 22nd April 2012, for a photo shoot at Terrace falls at Hazelbrook in the Blkue Mountains ,West of Sydney.
With the recent rains in Sydney i figured the falls would be flowing nicely, so a good opportunity to try out the new D800 at one of my favourite water falls.
OK to the point, i drove to Hazelbrook, turned left under the railway lines and then Left again into railway par,Turning right into Terrace falls rd.I followed the road until it turns to a dirt rd with a warning sign"road only suitable for High clearance vehicles"
I have a Nissan Patrol so i hopped out and locked the front hubs and put her into High 4×4.
About 500 meters further down the road (fire trail) Bang large new gate locked.
I jumped out and had a look and really couldn’t believe my eyes.
Now i have a 2.5 klm walk in and out to the car park where i have driven many times.
Is this another case of minority rule?
A few thoughtless 4X4 drivers apparently driving of the road, so bang gate and everyone else has to suffer.
I’m lucky i can walk the extra 4-5 KLMS which this gate has added to the trip, but what if i was older or had health problems?
? IM cut out of another area!!!!!!!!.
I wonder if the gate was the local council over reacting to the wingers of the world or is this NPWS, who i nicked named years ago "National gates and lock out service.
I wonder if there was any consultation with users and local communities???.I do know that there is little democracy left in this country these days.
I did have a great time walking through the area and taking a few n ew shot, but i do get angry with all these gates and locked roads which were once open to us to use

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