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MY Journey is now into its 5th year, and what a journey it has been,from snap shots to sales, From a Nikon D80 with a kit lens to my Brand new D800 arriving on Monday,which will Have Zeiss glass on the front of it.
There have been the downsides too,with the theft from my car on new years day, of my beloved 617 Gaoersi Panorama film camera and my Manfrotto SBH303 tripod head.NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN
There have been the sales ,with the notable one 15 canvas prints of my Opera house study, which went to a lawyers conference in New york at Christmas CLICK HERE! and quite a few on redbubble to date.
I have learned so much on Technique and on how to read NATURES GIFT, THE LIGHT, which for me is just as important as my technical ability, if not more so.
Chasing light has become almost an obsession , especially at weekends, with my good mate MARK LUCEY
Often we are disappointed and sometimes delighted, all part of the fun of photography
I now have a working Studio at my home, with my first paying gigs coming up in April, with 2 baby shoots schedualed into the diary,
The studio is small but i love it and the new learning curve it presents to me,
I bought Bowen’s Gemini 500r strobes as i decided all the copy’s from China were just that,Copy’s, remember imitation is the most sincear form of flattery.
I do ponder and think a lot about my photography,and do wonder where we are going with it {photography] as a whole, it was not long ago the film v digital war was raging, Film still around but only just
The PP software now available is startling , from Flood to CS5 you can just about do anything now, copy past in a sky or maybe some lightning, even some birds or sun rays
Post production is part of the art of photography,just ask the old dark room people about all the tricks they used.
I am trying to stay a little more pure to the art when it comes to PP, Yes i use HDR but use it so i can adjust my photos still look realistic, the camera cannot see what a human eye can.
All the PP in the word wont make a poor shot look good , so i guess we Photographers still have a chance.
And subjective it is, one mans meat is another mans poison, my most viewed photo on this web site is this one !
CLICK HERE to me it was just a play around with Photomatix pro , i don’t like the photo, but this is the most popular, an over processed non realistic shot of the Sydney opera house.
My direction now
I am a nature lover and always have been, Not an extreme green but, but a love of the natural word, like sir David Attenbourough, a boy hood hero of mine and still to this day the finest natural world documentary maker there has been.
Landscape , ever changing , is the Photopgraphy i love the most and find the most satisfying, especially if Mother nature smiles kindly.[the photo gods align]
THE CHALLENGE of capturing the real person, in a photograph is an art unto its self, .Studio work is the use of controlled light so is easy if you know how to use your gear.D800 is going to be excellent in the studio
Finally the Dislikes of photography.
Over processed work like my shot here.
Getting up very early and being locked out,{Gary beach Saturday 30th ]
Remember this just a piece about me , my journey through photography and is in no way an attempt to have a go at anyone here at the bubble.
Please feel free to Comment and critique my ideal

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