Donna Grayson

Donna Grayson

Los Angeles, United States

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I am turning into a POD addict...

Now that I have been working on my Red Bubble account – I realize what a POD and internet addict I am becoming !
There are so many places to post, and have fun.

I really do enjoy creating fun designs and adding them to my accounts.
I started out with photos and abstracts a while back.
Right now I am trying to learn to make more tshirt designs.

I trained in acting and singing – so artwork is something I am just learning.
Learning Photoshop and PaintShop Pro can be a real challege for me.

I find I really need a creative outlet !
So the internet has definately provided that for me.

Please visit my sites, and add me as a contact, or friend, or whatever !
I really do enjoy running into the same friends on all the different sites.

Here is my website:

Here at RedBubble:

Zazzle Original Gallery:

Zazzzle Photos:

Zazzle Abstracts:

Cafe Press:

Greeting Card Universe:


Just opened Printfection yesterday:

And I am over on Dreamstime too !

And my Flickr account… where my addiction started

If you know of any other sites that would feed my addiction – let me know !

See you around the internet soon
Donna Grayson