Tonight I Shall Be Thy Juliet...

Tonight I shall be thy Juliet
And thou my Romeo
Lets rewrite our story..

Together we shall find a sweet forever
Our nothing will become our clothes
Sugar spread beneath out feet
Wine our bath
Breaths nothing more than release
Words will dress our minds in erotica
Our journey will be one of “don’t want to return”
I’ll slip your roses on one petal at a time
Creating a work of art you’ll want to explore
Your crush will release the perfume…
My scent will fragrance your desire
My lips will carry the sweetness of my love
You’ll drink from them tenderly
Our bodies will touch in a gentle anticipation
You’ll be lost to yourself and I shall have you…
As I have longed…..
Inside our moonspun night
Our skin cooled and teased by the breezes
Senses taking over like the flow of the river
Lost we will become caressing sweetness found
Tasting each other with our eyes closed
Spinning mindlessly above the earth
Our heightened senses begging for more
Mounting the peaks with a driving urgency
Wanting more and happily not sated
We seek out the unknown treasures still waiting
Within our bodies a sensuality
Crooning to come out and play again and again…
Petals left along our path of a loving never denied
Reminders of how real passion feels
And now waits once more…..

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Tonight I Shall Be Thy Juliet... by 

I am having a moment……..

Sometimes imagination can be a comforting diversion. I love living and feel blessed to be able to experience life within each day that comes. Grateful I am and thirsty I will always be for more.

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  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 1 year ago

    Wow. Well, first of all, I am going to check back to see how many guys comment with ‘and I shall be thy Romeo’. I have no doubt there will be many!! : )) Delicate, teasing so sensual…all the things a lovers write should be and more. How you come up with these gorgeous lines is pure magic. Swept away here. Another dreamy, wondrous write, dear Donna. Hugs, shar xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxooxoxxo

  • Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa you be trippin girl! The writing is easy when there is no man around to satisfy the need my friend. It has to come out somehow and as far as I know it is illegal to do drive by’s for this sort of thing:)) Now if there I find one I do wonder how it will affect how I right. The depth may not be as good so maybe it is a good thingy that I don’t have a man…….:) just sayin:))) xoxoxoxoxoxox

    – Donna19

  • labaker
    labakerover 1 year ago

    " Together we shall find a sweet forever"…….great line D19 :) you been drinkin wine tonight???

  • Not yet. The mood I am in it would not be good. This is tame compared to what would happen if I did my friend. I am not sure that is a good thingy:))

    – Donna19

  • juddarwin
    juddarwinover 1 year ago

    when poetry lisps passon spills
    attached to the soul than quill
    step outside, toward; wear thy will
    alone: i’m at each wndow sill;
    there’s somethng inside needs must grill

  • :)) Smiling here Jud. Lovely and so fast your prose. Truly inspired.

    – Donna19

  • Robin Monroe
    Robin Monroeover 1 year ago

    such a beautiful write dripping with passion, I agree with shar every man who reads this is going to want to be thy Romeo… are the queen of romance sis….so beautiful:)

  • Awww thank you for that. If only right! Sigh.. life has taken that from me so I can write instead, I think…….

    – Donna19

  • JRGarland
    JRGarlandover 1 year ago

    Ah blee a bapble dap plaw be di (drooling). Ahhhhh what heaven!!!

  • Beh, spero che hai avuto una tazza utile per tutti che lo zucchero (Italian) Ahhhh too funny!!!!

    – Donna19

  • Tony Wilder
    Tony Wilderover 1 year ago

    Donna, I have always believed there is no better time for writing about love and passion than when ones muse is in this very kind of mood. To me this caliber of write can not be manufactured, it must be felt, an all consuming, burning ache. You have written such genius lines from your heart. This is by far one of your best.

  • Aww now if you keep this up I shall find you Tony! Thank you my friend. Yes, I am feeling this as I speak:)) Somewhat problematic don’t you think:))) Your so kind and coming from a man who writes as superbly as you do of love I am really wrapped!!!

    – Donna19

  • devotee1
    devotee1over 1 year ago

    If only all such stories could be rewritten…sigh! Favorite for sure!:)

  • They can my friend. A fine writer like you can do it I am sure. Thank you so much:)

    – Donna19

  • LoreLeft27
    LoreLeft27over 1 year ago

    dang this is trippy who needs a man when you can write like this

  • Well I guess I am lucky I have an alternative then but I gotta say I am an all natural girl. I like the real thing:)))
    Thank you sweet friend. x

    – Donna19

  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWindover 1 year ago

    Ahh sì la mia Giulietta, io sarò il vostro Romeo. Per cavalcare i venti di passione e respirare il fragerance del nostro amore, come ciuffi di seta asiatica. Abbraccione. La Jackass Wisperer

  • Ahh, ma l’asino è sposato e si dovrebbe ricordare questo piccolo dettaglio :))) Grazie amico mio. Vedo ho perso una chiamata troppo. E ’tardi qui e stavo cercando di finire il mio lavoro.

    – Donna19

  • evon ski
    evon skiover 1 year ago

    Here I is . . . Jump my Sweet Petunia!!!
    okay wait. don’t jump. it’s just me y with a mushtache playing at comminity theater. :))
    Romeo Romeo- where fort art thou Romeo??? . . .
    yeah I dint hear anything either . . . . .
    but this is beautiful impassioned write sweet Girl and when the star gates line up your real prince will come.
    In the meantime you are truly loved and appreciated by many. :)) xx

  • Awww this is very cool. I can hear you reading this as you look up with your mustache all vertical:))) I shall be watching for the star gates to open. Yea me!! xxx

    – Donna19

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