I was wondering where the majority of inspiration comes from.
Does it depend on the individuals perspective or habitual behavior?
Behavior that we condition ourselves, like a photographer for example.
He is used to [looking] for things to shoot so he is visual and may
soon become dependent on that habit or conditioning for inspiration.
What if he lost his sight? Could he still create, be inspired?
Think about that! An artist, passionate about his art and so much a
part of him, I have no doubt he would find a way to be inspired to
continue his passion. I am thinking that it has nothing to do with visual or
anything tangible.

Or at least for me it does not. But then I am a cricket most of the time
and Waldo has nothing on me. I mean that I can’t stay with one genre or
concept because I get so excited about everything. I am the little girl in the
church that couldn’t be still so her Mama had to sit on her until the Amen.
I wanted to see all the new dresses and big people walk in with their colors
and strange expressions. Fascinating to me. I can’t even sit still in a car…

I could look at the most beautiful view in the world and not be moved by it if
there wasn’t something in me that connected with it. I don’t think sight or any
of the other senses have to kick in to be inspired. There seems to be an unseen connecting which alerts the brain to a profound happening going on. suddenly
we sit up and pay attention and then we connect in a most unique way. I saw
a butterfly on here this morning and there has to be thousands here. This one
got my attention. Don’t understand that, but I am trying to. I kept looking
at it because I want to know why that butterfly. I finally realized what it was.
To me there are no ugly butterflies, this one was a beauty. She was sitting with
her wings up high and on her “tip toes” and poised to fly.

I related to the energy in the insect and not necessarily the photo. Once again,
so where does inspiration come from? It is my belief that it is a soul
diving kinship with what we are already connected to and no matter
what that might be the connection is never is lost. We just build walls
to keep it out sometimes. It won’t work though, so why waste your
time trying to sever what is most nourishing and natural to your real
happiness and a most beautiful purpose in life.

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