Redbubble,here I am!

I just arrived and I can tell you that I have a good feeling about this place!
Maybe is the excellent quality of art that I got a glimpse of?
Maybe are the photo artists, who know?
The fact is that Redbubble from all the other places made a posititive impression on me… so I intend to stay a little bit longer, in my bubble!

Oct.6, a few days later and I like this place more and more…and more!
It is all about visual arts and that’s all that count!

Oct.11, Yesterday I made the front page in “featured”, wow, I can’t believe it! So I guess people here like some of my work, and this is keeping me going!
Thank you my bubble friends!

Oct. 15, I can’t believe I actually sold a card, I thank you very much and thank you RB for giving me the chance!

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