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Back in business

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on redbubble so I wanted to say hi! For some reason I stopped writing for a long time – until a friend reinspired me. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you’ll know that me and a couple of friends put on an art show back in the day. There was dance, drama, poetry, paintings, photography and more. Well we’re at it again! …
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Hi all, / I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Nefarious documentary but I’m about to fill you in! It is a movement to end the global human slave trade and give a voice to those who are suffering in silence. Human trafficking is a very serious, very widespread issue and I want to encourage everyone to do what they can to help the men and women involved. You can check out …
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Art shows and apprehension

Wow, I just posted seven poems! I kind of feel like I just pulled my heart out of my ribs and stuck it on redbubble lol Really though, there’s a kind of stress associated with sharing my personal thoughts and yet I’m always drawn to do it. I guess I feel pretty safe here. The irony is that I can’t imagine being so open with some of the people that are actually around me! An…
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Recently Added

Level up I’m asking You to move / mountains / inside / me / to bulldoze the buildings / of / unbelief / and / pull up the / tent / post / peg… slumber Slumber / Sits / In the silence of / Happy / Christians slumped / In / Slanted pews / So / Few open their eyes / We’re / Sleeping… Righteousness When I can just get quiet / Enough / Break up with chaos / Spit out / The / Dust and / Stop trusting myself / I / Can lean back into / Your… haywire political rant I wanna fly with you / Right / Over time, experience, emotion / And broken / Ability / To a place where my senses / Operate / On / A forei… exposure brings growth Exposure brings growth / Sometimes / The / White skin / Of / Our self-righteousness / Needs / To be peeled back from / The dying / Within /… escaping opinions and physics I / Sing / In the open field / Of / Your silence / Where suddenly I’m free from recognition / Accusation and / Familiarity / A / Plac… firstfruits of faith Oh the beauty of your peace! / The soothing scent of jasmine in a cup / Of oriental / Tea / The embrace of love set / Free in / Arms enfold… Blinders, please Oh to look upon / The eyes that make me undefiled / That tear away / My / Sin / From a patch of DNA / The nucleus / That makes me bow down … Spring You make all things beautiful / The crisp / Air / That frays the ends of winter / You / Unravel the cold / Snow and gravel and wind / Keepi… [when i want to give you everything] I want you / and / I like to / express that in anger, sadness / melancholy / fits of confusion / sleepless / nights / and mixed signals are… pssst… He’s winning! There’s something in the air / Like all / Of / The evil on earth / Was / Having a tea / Party / And the Master of the Universe / Just… With His blood in my veins Oh that You would be my / freedom / You know my heart is a / darkened / sparrow / hanging in the fortress of / Your skies / flying like a…