To all bird lovers

Well.. It’s been a while since I last wrote anything here. :) 2 weeks ago I came back from wildlife photography workshop and I uploaded to my website some bird photos from first day. Probably some of them I will upload later here, but for now, if anyone’s interested, click on the photo. :)

Recent news, December2014

Hi guys!
I don’t write much, I’m not that kind of person, so I will be just quick about what’s new.…

I have created an account on 500px site. I was going for prints, but unfortunately they are not available any more. But I decided to leave my gallery there anyway. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

I also passed 500 000 views on my work and getting really close to 200 sales.

I received a letter from RedBubble. Like a real letter (not an email), a card to be exact. I was very surprised by that fact, I didn’t expect it at all. It is a “thank you” card, for being a part of the community. Signed by somebody with a pen which is awesome because this somebody had to put this effort and actually do it. And I believe I’m not the only who received such card which is even m

Over 100 sales!!

Today in the morning I found out that I have over 100 sales now on RB, which is awesome! A small milestone was achieved. :) Thank you very much, I hope everyone is happy with their purchases.

And BTW. I have put on my website gallery from guitar festival which is not present in any way here on RB. If you’re interested to see check this link . This was also visible on Facebook if you have subscribed me there.

Have a great Sunday,


Hi all,
I just thought that I would let you know, that I have created my web page. It’s content still lacks many of my photos, but I am working on it.

I want to present my photos in a set of chapters, that each one would be a whole “document” after some of my trips. And with good quality as well. Here, on red bubble I tend to put only those, that do not need background story and have selling potential.

At first I was going for dark theme, but after a while I decided that bright one looks better. Any comments, hints on what to improve are welcomed, I still see it as a beta version.

Here’s the link: WebSite



Hi Folks!
I have my internet connection back after some time of absence and moving into new apartment. So I will start slowly digging out of this pile of messages I have in my inbox. :) This period was somehow cathartic to me, some changes must follow now, still not sure what it will be. I am looking with hope into the future. :)…

I began making all my work available as stickers on RedBubble. It happened to be a good idea, since they started selling. I don’t really understand why you would like to buy a sticker with photo and where would you stick it, but I guess that comes from cultural differences and a fact, that this is not popular in Poland (not with photos). I still have some work left on this field, because PNG looks a bit different and requires additional work, mostly adding some li

new RB - question

This new RB looks nice. Every site needs refreshing every now and then. But one usability issue bothers me – previously I could easily access activity feed list with just one click. Now it seems I need to double or triple my actions to get is. Anyone heard of some way to make it more accessible?

For example now I have to click on RB banner at the left top part of the page, and then another click to change from “following” to “activity”. If I would do the testing – it wouldn’t pass usability tests. ;)

Any help welcome.

Win a £6,000 African Photo Safari

Some of you may be interested:

Digital Photographer magazine is having a wildlife photo contest. The prize is huuuge! “We’re inviting you to enter your best wildlife images for a chance to win an incredible African photo adventure!” Open to people all over the world.

Click me!

The closing date for the competition is the 15th May 2012.

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