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Color management in PS

I had from time to time some problems with my photos looking different in PS, then different here on RB, and different on dA. I finally digged a little bit with google and found very interesting and quick tutorial on setting up PS.

Maybe this will be useful for somebody. :)



MY first RB sale!!

Totally WOW!
I just came back from my holidays, checking my mailbox.. And there was an e-mail, that I just made my first sale on RB. I am soooo happy!

I sold a t-shirt:

This is fantastic! :D


BTW.. I’m glad to be back. :))

Taking some time off

Hi friends!
I will be gone for 2 weeks with no PC/laptop/netbook, and no internet connection. I am going to Norway for my vacation. Leaving in an hour. So see you soon!



If you don’t know yet, I have become a co-host in Digital Photography group. It is something new for me, and a very interesting experience. :)

I have also reached over 10 000 views on my art, and I would like to thank you guys for this. :)

Very, very warm hugs!!

Quick tips & tricks

I generally learned this by myself and I want to share. :) It’s about making photo look more vintage, and more like from film cameras. I see the similarities to the first photos I took with simple, small film camera. I used Photoshop CS3.

1. Get yourself a photo you would like to edit.. I’ve chosen one of mine:

2. Open it in PS, and add a new layer on top of it. Take a purple colour (something between light and dark) and fill layer with it. Now you should be seeing something like this:

3. Now change the layer mode to “pin light”. It will reduce the amount of contrast, adding a new colour. Most of the times you need to reduce to opacity of layer. This time I used 50%. In general – more dark places, less opacity. Now it looks like this:

You can ofcourse play…

Art featured

This is amazing! Yeasterday my first sold print on dA, and today big feature on redubble!!

Amazing. Thank you people. :)))