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Season’s Greetings from Dolphin and Cow. Our mission is to create marketable designs that express a love of nature, wildlife conservation, and the ridiculous … Cheers!

While I currently call Chicago-land my home, I have had the pleasure of living in Utah, Seattle, and Bangkok Thailand. The world is a wonderful place to visit :)

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Great Wall Sale #1 ! :)

Hey, thanks for buying my “Great Wall” iPad cover! I hope the image inspires you to wonderous adventures of discovery and fun. Cheers!
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If a tree falls in the forest?

Does it even consider property values or do they usually go about willy nilly uprooting and falling down all over the place? I guess trees are just a little clumsey. Awesome standers, not so good at walking.
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When did tomorrow become yesterday?

There is still a long road ahead of me but I see now a long road behind me as well. / Standing here I look into the lost eyes of age and wonder how did this happen. / How did the promise of tomorrows become the actuality of today?
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My Head is Expanding

Have you ever had a day when you get a compliment out of the blue and your head begins to inflate? Sometimes it’s heavy and it knocks you over yelling, “help, I’ve fallen and my head’s too big,” or other times it is strangely light and you feel your feet beginning to lift off of the ground. Either way, I should really probably see a doctor or at least a good haberdas…
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