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ok, some of you may know by now that i looove cars…well having owned around 60.(lost count ages ago..but is about right) when i got my SLR a while ago..thats what i had to shoot.
well now i got me one of them nu fangled DSLR’s…Pentax K10D…just so i could use the lenses off my MZ60..i know, cheap way, but it does a pretty good job at taking all the shots i’ve done lately!! and with the summer coming up i’ll have heaps of time to practice those u-beaut shiny car shots!…oh..and not to mention those brilliant motion shots from some of the other ‘real’ car photogs :)
and to prove i might just be on the right track, i just uploaded 3 from the past weekends drift comp here in Perth…i think i may have sussed it out!
but seeing most of those racers put there money towards there cars and not by buying pretty pics of them, i doubt they will buy them….so…i’ll just put them up here and hope some one else thinks there good enuff!!
all i need now is money to get MY cars going and looking good….
one day….

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