For Jesus

My loyalty lies with You, Jesus

Not a stretch of land
Not a flag (spangled, striped, or blank)

After nails, a whip, a cross and thorns
Am I foolish enough to believe
That the whole “liberals-this, conservatives-that” agenda
Is any real threat to You, the Son of God?


It’s the egos of those
Who try to clothe You in their politics
Who equate the voices of dissent with blasphemy
Who argue amongst each other endlessly
And in the midst of all the screaming
How easy is it not to hear You whispering
The only words that make any real sense?

“I command you to love one another”

But no

These people care less about You
And more about the validity of their own opinions

“Huh? Who?! Jesus Christ?! Yeah I believe in him, whatever! But screw him!
Now let’s get back to you admitting how wise I am about the world, and how stupid you are!”

No, thank you.

Is this why we spit at each other,
Why we kill,
Why we spill blood in Your name,
Forgetting that the only blood necessary for humanity to be saved
Was Yours?

Do you know why I love You, Jesus?
Because you were above taking sides
And dragged everyone out of their comfort zone

Even those self-righteous prigs
Who try to stand taller than everyone else
Just because they think they know You better than everyone else

(There’s a BIG difference between getting your own beliefs in tune with Christianity, and trying to get Christianity in tune with your own beliefs!)

Even those spineless hippies
Who use Your forgiveness to turn life into
Some meaningless free-for-all

(Of course Jesus loves you, but if you use that as an excuse to ignore His words without remorse, it makes me wonder if you love Him)

This is for You, Jesus

To the Man who could shut everyone up on both sides
And put them all in their rightful place
Who could remind us all of, and expose our shame in just one breath
And in the next, show us all just how loved we are, nonetheless

To the Genius who silences all the noisemakers
Who is bigger than all the petty things
That (for some unholy reason) seem to mean everything to us

To the Savior whose spirit carried Life with it
And whose death had not one single ounce of justice in it

To the God who I barely know, yet wish to know
Who I hunger for when all the world can feed me is its own narcissistic, bloated nonsense:

Please come back soon.

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Every now and then, I’ll come across an artwork on RedBubble that ruffles quite a few feathers because it has religious/ anti-American/ general political undertones. And, unsurprisingly, I’ll scroll down to see about a billion comments, usually by the same 5 people, who all keep arguing with each other, with nothing to show for it in the end. Because somewhere in between all that arguing, they seem to get less concerned with what they were arguing about, and more occupied with trying to get people to believe they’re 100 percent right about their point in the discussion. It’s amusing (and a little sad) to watch, but it became a little disturbing when I found out some of these people were Christians. While I don’t disagree that, throughout many parts of the world, there’s an all out assault on the message of Jesus Christ, I think a lot of believers get too caught up, and defend Jesus with such ferocity that they forget who He is. You don’t really need to defend God, guys – it’s the other way around! This poem/ writing was birthed out of that thought, and also the disturbing fact that so many people intertwine their faith and politics so tightly, that they try to destroy any notion that they might be wrong about anything. It’s enough to make anyone miss Jesus, and the time when people really understood his words (IF there was ever such a time, that is – even when he was on earth, nobody seemed to really understand the meaning behind his message)


  • HenkStolk
    HenkStolkalmost 7 years ago

    I’m not a Christian but read your words.
    I hope for the world there will be a kind of God who can fix this screwed up world.
    But I’m afraid they will nail him quicker to a modern cross than the first one..
    It’s a sad world.

  • EmptyHead
    EmptyHeadalmost 7 years ago

    Love all.

  • Peter Horsman
    Peter Horsmanalmost 7 years ago

    It really just comes down to perspective and the world is truly a beautiful and amazing place….to me.

  • missmunchy
    missmunchyalmost 7 years ago

    Sadly, I think we in the chrisitan community often get wrapped up in being RIGHT more than showing Christs LOVE! The poem is well written…but i like your explenation even more! After all, once we know him, its not about us anymore anyways!! =)

  • Deon de Waal
    Deon de Waalalmost 7 years ago

    I Like Mismunchy’s point. Once you serve, Christ its Him you serve and not yourself.
    Great piece of writing DoctorJ and great to that you have stood up for Jesus and His gospel. Something the organised church seems to be missing the point of to a great extent.

  • Daniel  Rarela
    Daniel Rarelaalmost 7 years ago

    Thanks guys! I’m glad these words were not overlooked by those in the RB community just because I was talking about Jesus. It kind of paralells Peter’s predicament when he tried to walk on water – the minute he stopped focusing on Jesus, he started to sink… and its the same for when Christians argue with others the way I’ve seen in the past – we take our focus off of Christ, and as a result, we sink down to a level we thought we were above. And that’s something that I’d want everyone to know too – following Christ doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else. I’ve once heard it said that it’s more along the lines of, say, one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.

    And there actually is a lot of truth to what you said, Henk – fact is, even after hundreds of years past Jesus’ time, people would still ridicule a man who didn’t care for money, made people on both sides of politics uncomfortable, and showed kindness to the people that nobody else wanted to show kindness and radical compassion to.

  • Face
    Facealmost 7 years ago

    Hi mate
    Just read your passage ‘for Jesus’. It struck a chord for me as my young son the other day said he didn’t like all the religious stuff at school any more as all the troubles and wars in the would had some cause or link to religion. I must admit that i couldn’t denigh this however as you said in your poem , people are more concerned in arguing to win the argument than trying to resolve what caused the argument in the first place.
    Cheers Neil.

  • mbakk
    mbakkalmost 7 years ago


  • Michael Lothian
    Michael Lothianalmost 7 years ago

    RIGHT ON Daniel! :)

  • EAWilliams
    EAWilliamsalmost 7 years ago

    Very well stated; I agree!

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