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New competition/ reminiscing...

Hey Bubble denizens!!

Just wanted to let you know about a competition called Exposure 2011 from an organization known as Artists Wanted.

I’m a recent entrant, and would love it if you could vote for me!! You can check the blog link here

If you’re up for competing as well, by all means!! There’s a ton of great artists here that I know of who I think have the potential to win!

Thanks everyone!! I’m not on RB as often as I used to be, but there’s quite a few of you here who I miss talking to. I get the impression that many of us have created our own websites, shown our work elsewhere, picked up other talents & careers… but no matter how far I go as a photographer, I owe a lot to you guys here at the Bub! There’s something about this community and all the encouragement we give each other that really influences you the way few other things can…

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