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Hello and THANK YOU!!!

Can’t believe it… it’s barely been a day since I joined RedBubble and put bits of my portfolio up, and already I’ve gotten commented, favorited, and watchlisted a lot more than I would’ve expected, considering how new I am.

THANK YOU so much everybody for your kind words!!!! It really does mean a lot and gives me a little more confidence in the fact that maybe I can be as good as the rest of you one day.

I don’t know how the more talented people on here keep up with expressing their gratitude to everyone who loves their work, but I might as well say it to you all now, right off the bat, because I’m most likely going to be repeating it again and again to you all personally whenever I can!

You sort of look at your work with new eyes once you get a chance to see what everyone else has to say about it. And it makes all that much more of a difference when the entire community here on RB is very in tune with their artistic side.

I haven’t quite decided on what kind of photographer I am, or would like to be, just yet. The way things are now, I just progress through life like any 21 year old does, except I’ve got a camera in my hands and plan to capture whatever I see along the way.

Most of my shots do have some kind of story behind them, as I almost never go on a “professional” photoshoot. That of course, is not necessarily by choice. As of now I don’t quite have the money to buy studio lights, diffusers, etc. The picture just comes as I see it, and I try my best to see it differently than most. Hopefully that’ll get taken further once I have enough money to buy more equipment, software, and the like. If any of you are interested in knowing the story behind a picture of mine, feel free to ask me here and I’ll fill you in! Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words really wasn’t kidding…

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