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… and learning, living, learning to live in love, to become completely human, as well as seeking God more with each passing day!

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New competition/ reminiscing...

Hey Bubble denizens!! / Just wanted to let you know about a competition called Exposure 2011 from an organization known as Artists Wanted. / I’m a recent entrant, and would love it if you could vote for me!! You can check the blog link here / If you’re up for competing as well, by all means!! There’s a ton of great artists here that I know of who I think have the potential to wi…
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New Blog!

Haven’t done as much fine art photography lately, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m not busy!! / Dr. J Photography’s Blog / Subscribe, yo! / Hope all my peers on the Bub have been well!!
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Some quick updates for Summer 2011

Hey everyone! / Haven’t been too active on the Bub as of late, but there are a few things going lately that inquiring minds might want to know: / New photo series entitled Nebulactations, / Visible here on my new SmugMug Site / As well as my BubbleSite / The book is available here , as well as the petite edition / In addition, my book entitled New York: December 2010 has been re-released in…
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LA Pride, 2011

Some very interesting things happen when you try to have a conversation with people who, at first glance, seem to only be good at yelling… /
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