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My name is Raymond Carle. I’ve been an international level figureskater, a concert pianist, and probably led a life most would dream of. But my reality is much different. When you strive to be the best, coming in second or last are the same, and I never won once. So I started writing poetry as a type of journal. A way for me to face my stresses and realisations in life that I may never be the best cause there is only one.
Since retiring from both, I now own my own projects company. I don’t want to bore you with details, but writing has always been my outlet. And over the years, I developed my own style.
I’ve always loved the classics, Shakespear for instance. So alot of my poetry is in that style. I’ve been trying to update my work, but changing ones style is never easy.
From what I’ve told you, I hope that you can see me in my work, and maybe a little of yourself.

  • Joined: December 2007