man v nature

we measure our superiority by our technical achievments as year by year we become ever dissociated from our enviroment surley the measure of success must be measured by the ability to understand and find our place in the enviroment and nature and a true understanding of our surroundings would we not then achieve a greater sense of who we are and true peace of mind and harmoney if so then the whale especialy but all wildlife has that inate understanding so dose that not put them further up the scale of evolution for though we have supposidly higher interlect and rejioce in our own self belief and accademia we are a truly dissatisfied species constantly at war constantly striving for supremacy not only over each othe but indeed over natre itself so in the end who do you think is the more content we replace the spiritual with physics we believe all things can be found in numbers but numbers where created by us they did not exsist till we siad one and one is two and ever since we have sought to justify theary with answers a scientist starts out with a theaory then seaks to make the numbers fit spends year after year bending numbers till in the end he can finnally make all the dots jion up and after time that becomes the generolised version of events till another one comes up with yet more numbers if you have ever looked into market research you will find that you can make the numbers add up to what ever answer you want it to ie if you aske 8 people to try somthing and 5 say they like it you can say over 50% of people polled said they enjoyed this product which sounds better than saying 5 people enjoyed it we become alienated from eachother let allone nature i onec read a poem by spike milligen the piont of it was a rich lady want to buy a rose made from gold the jewler makes it she says it dosnt look enough like a rose he say why dont you just grow a real one to which she replise horrified oh no real ones are just for poor people how much dose it cost to simply look out of your window and just view a sunset i do it often when was the last time you simply just looked up and watched the clouds roll by beauty and nature surrounds us we do not have to go anywhere its ther right outside your door did you ever just simply look at a dandilion how intricate it is and what can be more evokotive than seeing the seed fly of in autumn

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