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GROUP NAME: BubbleMania

NOTE: We are still in the planning stage, so this is still subject to

DESCRIPTION: Development and Implementation group whose aim is to promote
RedBubble, its artists and their work to the global community with the
express purpose of drawing consumer traffic to discover for themselves the
wonderful work
available at RedBubble.

GOALS: A group think tank, code & ad repository, and R&D group whose aim is
to develop programs, assets, and strategies for better promoting RedBubble
and its artists to the global community. This would include:

  • a script, code, ad, and banner repository
  • planning and implementation strategies
  • coordination schemes so artists can develop marketing and promotional

USE OF GALLERIES: Galleries of art, t-shirts and writing would be geared
toward harvesting “signature works” of artists who want their work included
in any promotional efforts launched on RedBubble’s and its artists behalf.


Each artist may upload one signature piece of artwork/t-shirt art/writing
promotion. By adding the work to the proper galleries, they are agreeing
that their may be proliferated around the WWW to advertise RedBubble,
themselves, and all other RedBubble artists. A signature
work is a work of art created by you which you consider best represents you
and your art. It is
one which you would, now and in the future, freely and proudly claim as a
work representative of you and the body of your artistic creations.

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