Sometimes When I Go To Sleep At Night

Sometimes when my head hits the pillow at night,
I think about the things I did that day.
Did I do too much?
Did I not do enough?
Was I too harsh with someone?
Should I have given someone else a good cussin’?
Lying there in the darkness I replay my day.
I replay my life.
I still hate some high school idiots from 42 years ago.
I could forgive them but probably never will.
Chances are, some don’t even remember me.
I could call my cousin, Marsha, once in awhile.
She’s so nice but gets on my fuckin’ nerves.
I can’t really tell you why.
Maybe I am just a bitch like that.
Or maybe it’s the Virgo in me.
I like the women I surround myself with to be……
…….well…..not her.
I should love people as much as I love my dogs.
Like the one snoozing in the crook of my arm.
Now she is cool.
Nothing , and I mean nothing, keeps her awake.
She has no regrets or unfulfilled dreams.
I would trade lives with her if it weren’t for the fact
that she eats her food from a plate on the floor.
My God, I need to get some sleep!!

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Sometimes When I Go To Sleep At Night by 

A scenario I deal most every night right before I go to sleep.


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  • Roy  Massicks
    Roy Massicksabout 3 years ago

    I sometimes feel like this myself Deborah – I try and count sheep to go to sleep but then I wake up in the morning and find they’ve sh….t all over the bedroom !

  • LOL LOL LOL I know exactly what you mean, Roy!!! Thanks, and thanks for a good laugh!!

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • anaisanais
    anaisanaisabout 3 years ago

    I love the words written under the “stream of consciousness”…and love your humor…

  • Thanks so much, Anna!! I really appreciate it!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • Mistyarts
    Mistyartsabout 3 years ago

    I guess we all have those similiar thoughts before bedtime before sweet dreams take us away!

  • Sometimes my dreams are far from sweet, Misty.

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • Stacey Lazarus
    Stacey Lazarusabout 3 years ago

    The dogs seem to have bad dreams sometimes too, Lucy is trying to bark in her sleep even now!
    But have you stopped to consider ~ they like eating their food off the floor!

  • Well, I suppose they do like to eat off the floor. Just not real appealing to me. thanks, Sweetie!! ??

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • waxyfrog
    waxyfrogabout 3 years ago

    Are you reading my mind. Great words I will pass on the floor plate too

  • LOL LOL LOL Waxy…we have to get together and trade stories!!! I bet it would be a hoot and a half!! Thanks!!!

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
    Patricia Anne ...about 3 years ago

    Dogs are like the children we wish we had or the kids we never had, they fill a need like no other being in our life ever could. How you feel about your dog…well that’s what the saying “it’s a dog’s life” was written for LOL

    This is very well written and I would incourage you to write more free flow thing such as this. Sleepless nights come in many different boxes. We are the only ones who can prevent the UPS from droppin’ them at our door steps, however… THAT is easier said than done! I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights I have. Reasons? Well, I have LOST COUNT on how many reasons I could list LOLOL Anything from ringing in my ears to ringing some jackass’s skinny neck! LOLOLOL

  • Yes, but I thought I usually talk you out of the jack ass ringing!!! So why are you STILL thinking about it before you go to sleep? LOL LOL LOL We both have enough black mail material on eachother to last us for ten years to come!!! LOL LOL LOL Thanks for the great comment!!!

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • Charmiene Maxwell-batten
    Charmiene Maxw...about 3 years ago

    Congratulations you have been featured by Inspired by Life

  • Charmiene, thank you so much for this awesome feature!!! I am so honored and grateful!!! ?Deb?

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • RebeccaWeston
    RebeccaWestonabout 3 years ago

    Congratulations on your well deserved feature in Inspired by Life


  • Thank you so much, Becca!!! This is so thrilling for me because it is the first time I have been featured in this wonderful group.

    – Deborah Lazarus

  • labaker
    labakerabout 2 years ago

    dont feel bad, all last winter I wanted to trade places with birds I had been photographing, lol!!!

  • kathrynsgallery
    kathrynsgalleryabout 2 years ago

    Dogs make excellent companions because they give unconditional love and are totally unjudgemental. There is much that we humans can learn from these lovely animals. There are also some people who are all right in small doses, e.g., over the phone now and again, but anything more is an overdose! Know a few like that myself!!!

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