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Cincinnati, United States

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I’m a visual artist and designer, I’m passionate for materials like pencil,pen or watercolors to capture images from my imagination or defining moments in life for you to enjoy!

I love creating images that impact the eye,the emotions,creating focus with action,color and composition.I want to give the viewer pleasure viewing what life provides,visually, everyday.

You can purchase original art prints and cards from my portfolio for your enjoyment.Stay strong!

  • Joined: July 2008


Is That The 4?

The other day I left my lady friends apartment in time to catch my bus home.My car’s still in the shop,I get off the bus.I decided I’d stop at the grocery store before my transfer bus arrived.I had about 20 minutes before it came. / So I go into the grocery and shop,get everything I need and still I have about10 minutes before my bus comes.It’s the first great day we’ve ha…
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Curious Finance

On the CBS Evening News, the talking head said they predict the economy won’t rebound for another three years? I have lived long enough to see a number of dips and booms in the national economy.The 70’s were stagnant,the industrial belt was beginning to rust, yet jobs came back by the time I graduated from college in 1976.The dismantling of the industrial economy was slowly gathering speed.The Se…
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Salsa:Social Exercise!

I’m middle aged and like most Americans have some what of a sedentary life.Ahhh…. but I recently learned to Salsa and I can say it is fun,sexy and builds up your stamina without weights,gym memberships or a step machine. / I happened to go to a Salsa event where I live with my brother on the off chance we might meet a few ladies.In order to do that I joined in on learning how to Salsa…
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Crowded House!

Today’s design marketplace offers a tremendous number of sites for the novice or professional designer to make money from global crowdsourcing projects. The traditional design community is up in arms over designers being exploited by these crowdsourcers. / They are gnashing their teeth over the meager design fees awarded to those who participate in these design melees where many designs ent…
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