Sale - 2 Christmas Cards!

I would really like to THANK Hannah Hookey for purchasing a pair of Christmas Colors cards!!

It’s one of my favorite images and hope you are pleased with them!

Merry Christmas,

How 'Bout Redbubble

As some of you may know, I just returned from a family vacation – Disneyland. It was great, not really any RB images, but a great family album trip, photo wise.

Anyway, to my pleasant surprise, upon my return I had a Bmail from a photo researcher from New York representing a publishing house. Apparently, she has a client who would like to include one of my images in a biology text book:

The price was very fair for a 1/4 page image, 40,000 print run to be distributed in US & Canada.

A BIG Shout-Out to RB for the exposure!!!

So, that’s kinda cool. Hopefully they’ll approve the full size image and the License Agreement I sent them.

Just figured I’d share, since you never know what someone will be interested in.

I’ll try to catch up on everyone’s work…

Sale - Framed Print

I would really like to Thank the anonymous buyer of a Sedona in Black & White!!!

It’s one of my favorites – I hope you enjoy it : ) Thanks Again!!!

Best Regards,