Angela Ahmadi

Angela Ahmadi

Delray Beach, United States

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I am currently a Massage Therapist residing in Delray Beach, Fl. I am a lightworker, a lover, always seeking truth. My paintings and photography reflect my inner-being, my soul without words, my mind reflected for all to view.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary to a Polish Mother & an Afghan Father and moved to Brooklyn, New York as an infant. The everyday sights and sounds woven into my core being have influenced who I am today and all that I create. Growing up in such an intensely integrated and culturally diverse part of this world where soaring, linear architecture meets sidewalks buzzing with the changing colors of hustle and bustle and the serene and secret city hide-aways… the ultimate urban Ying and Yang. I was lucky to have experienced so much visual stimulation and the city will always be part of me.I want my paintings to be bright and full of life, and this they are! I use pure color which only gets mixed once it hits the canvas. In the beginning, oil was my medium, but now find acrylic a better choice for my style. Palette knives are my magic tool of the trade. The final outcome of using a knife over a brush can be far more diverse and satisfying to me. The feeling of Abstract Expressionism prevails within my paintings. Currently, I am also working with more fluid techniques and washes to create a soft and dreamy effect.I also am a photographer. I tend to find beauty in all my surroundings and want nothing more than to share my vision. Life is a blessing to me, and through creative expression I am able to grow within this journey.

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