Empty Winter

over breakfast…
a tattoo at the flick of the wrist,
watch your doorstep.
a window falls from the eye
onto an autumn leaf-populated college campus.
this would be roughly my tenth essay,
on this film i’ve seen now nearly twenty times.
i still haven’t quite added it up yet.
and so, i draw my name from the paper
in the black top hat, collecting white rabbit hairs.
and on the outside decorated with a feather.
up way past my bedtime.
drinking the punch, it’s spiked.
next in line, dancing alone,
just waiting to perhaps meet my date.
taken by the hand,
led upstairs, through the hallway, to the bedroom.
unpacking lunches for what sometimes seems like an entire day.
a breath of smoke, a sip of soda… cheeseburger or pork chop.
playing sides of crunchy fries.
sharing an elementary mascot with cartoon casinos
or hollywood ‘western’ film antagonists,
their faces now printed on the front of tobacco packages.
coughing a room chock-full of chalkdust thick enough,
i can cut with my finger to work on my name.
changing my mind faster than i know how to speak it.
eternity spent in the same outfit, same obstacle or agenda.
serving as a prop, be it stepping stone or grass blade.
up close: a single pixel, barely aged a day.
pushing too high on the mood swing, the ship’s given to sea.
see me on the sidewalk as my sight’s allowed to catch your tail lights.

caught by eyes, and i’m privileged to snag a small ripped square of the same and more. (with a capital V.I.L.E.)

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  • Loui  Jover
    Loui Joverover 2 years ago

    wonderfully effecting writing…..intreguing and rich with reward…..written in the best way possible…on an old world typewriter, i am sure it is a beautiful way to write, a real way, and one that excersises the brain in a most positive way….spelling and making a composition is back to where it is meaningful and ‘real’ computers make it all to easy for ‘tome quambies’ to write flimsy shit dressed up as royal writing ultimately like weak junk food filling at first but never satisfying…the word processor (even sounds scary) is the tool at the end of the jouney not the key to the beginning…(or so sez I) so wonderful an instrument (the typewriter) and one that is still grossly undervalued in our society, which makes me happy for i have collected up a number of excellent examples fro next to nothing but their day in pop culture court approaches fast.

  • well sez’d loui, i very much appreciate your support on that. it’s even helped me recall steps i’ve taken in my journey. my first attempts at creative writing were originally typed up on the computer, i can hardly stand to go back and read that material. i even started handwriting pieces with pencil on notebook paper. but when i found this typewriter and took it home, i developed a new love and appreciation for writing. i feel it’s taken me many places, i’m hoping someday it’ll be a key instrument in creating some sort of book that a very small number of people could keep in their homes. if nothing else, it’s brought me to a new respect for usefulness beyond what people consider to be in ‘with the times’. i think this nature puts me in a good place with my work, i think i’ve come to find that re-reading and potential editing can be key for anyone who wants to be careful and try to write something that stands out amongst the moving eyeballs of readers.

    – disposablevalue

  • Redviolin
    Redviolinover 2 years ago

    An excellent compelling and intriguing write ..and loui is spot on regarding the typewriter…you are such a welcome addition here …thanks for sharing.

  • thank you for welcoming me! it’s a pleasure to be sharing these works, and i very much appreciate your reviews. your positivity is very kind.

    – disposablevalue

  • MaryMac
    MaryMacover 2 years ago

    love your writing "))

  • thank you, MaryMac.
    much peace to you.

    – disposablevalue

  • Zi-O
    Zi-Oover 2 years ago

    Rich description that lands whereever your mind takes you! Write ON!! :-)

  • thank you!! (:

    – disposablevalue

  • Rhinovangogh
    Rhinovangoghover 2 years ago

    Holy shit! Keep them coming! great reads!!!

  • i most certainly will.

    – disposablevalue

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