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Dead but not for long

They killed me. Lying in this death hole wood and cold hard earth on all sides of me.
I plot my revenge.

It was a cold winter day, I was in the park playing with my little brother when Ashley, David, and Megan walked up and we all started to talk. It was getting late and it was time to go home. Walking down elm to are house a BMW drove by full of Germans, They started making cat calls at Ashley and Megan. Get a life kraut I yelled at the car driving away the car screeched to a halt and six Germans got out and stood in a line . The ugliest and the biggest out in front of course. He walked up to me and glared down at me.
(The top of my head probably only reached his elbow”damn he was tall.”)
So I stood there waiting for the beating of a life time. when he spat on me.
“What did you say you little brat?”Well you def basted I said get a life, “kraut” piped in my little brother. Well then it looks like I’m going to have to teach you some manners then. He swung a knotted fist at my head, I dropped to one knee and a pencil that had ben resting peacefully in my pocket found its way to his inner left thigh. He hit the ground like no buddies mother, the late afternoon sun glinted off the pool of blood swelling under his screaming body.
You Know you should probably get him to a doctor. I said over my shoulder, as I walked away. the others staring at me in awe as we walked down the road . what I said I knew how to take care of my self didn’t I ? “Ya but…..” “Well don’t go around telling a bunch of people uh.” “Ya sheer what ever, don’t tell any one “. Got it.
“Ok good “. The next day it was pretty evident that my friends couldn’t keep a secret. So their was that to deal with. On the way home I was thinking that I wouldn’t ever do anything in front of my friends again. When there was that damn beamier agin. My finger went up and I was about to yell “get Fucked ass Hole “ , but my words were cut short, by a thunder slap of brass slugs hitting my chest and arms. It was cold and I was fading “all I could think was at least my little brother hadn’t ben there”everything went black and now here I am lying in this hole plotting my revenge.

I lay here in this hole and the time is right I will take my revenge to night.
The cold earth cracked. As I force my way out of the grave that
I have ben confined to for so long to long I am free now if only for a few hours before this night is through six must fade away like the night to the rising sun.
I walk out of the grave yard dripping with dirt .
Down Duran and pine was an old shabby house that was where they were but all the same the were all going to die.
I walked up to the house and nocked on the door a woman answered. Looked at me and slammed the door. My unnatural strength drove me forward as I kicked down the door and walked in side instantly I was riddled with bullets and I feel to the ground.
Each clip was empted and no one spoke “I thought he was dead”
“well he is now” one of them said
“OH GOD !” One of them yelled as I sat up and looked at them “you that dose hurt right.”
I said to them. It is a sad thing when you see a grown man cry and piss his pants at the same time.
I stood up all but two of them ran I walked up and piked them both up by the throat, and
Squeezed crushing their wind pipes it was so easy that it surprised me .I thought to my self.
The others were hiding in the house and I knew exactly where each of them was.
Time to get the one who shot me first.
I walked down the hall and turned to the third door on my left kicked it down and went inside
“where are you Valentin”? I said in a raspy voice that sounded strange to my own ears (as I entered the room I coiffed up a blood that spayed the carpet and walls) Are you under the bead? No not there as I picked up the bead to look under it maybe your behind the door. No, not there ether how about in the closet. I opened the door and there he was stark wight and shake holding a sawed off 12gauge and laughing hysterically more out of fear than real humor now I i I’ve G g g got you your ass is mine he said shoving the shot gun in my face he went to pull the trigger but I was faster much faster the speed of my own hands was amazing. I tore his heart from his body and placed it in hand ( watch it I whispered in his ear before he died watch it stop beating as his heart throbbed in his hand slowly turning black as the blood left it . He fell to the floor and lay there staring “ impossible” he uttered as hi last shaky breath left him.
The others were speed across the house the last three had barricaded themselfs in the bathroom I spoke softly to the door “ come out now and your deaths will be quick” “ fuck off freak were going to kill your ass the door bust open but I was not there I stood behind them puzzled even more than they on how I got there well your time has come boys it will not hurt it will be as if you fell asleep ” as I whispered these words to each of them they were so terrified they could not move I set my hands gently on each shoulder and as I did they fell slowly as if falling asleep but this was not a sleep from witch they would wake I walked from the house to the garage and brought back a can of gas soaked every thing I took a pack out of victors pocket and lit a cigarette and sat thinking of the things that had happened and how short of a time it had taken Breathing in and exhaling a cloud that hung over my head like the cloud of my furry that had ben extinguished I lit another ass the one in my hand reached its end walked to the door and tossed it to the couch it gasoline caught and I closed the door behind me, As I walked away from the blazing house and back to the grave yard I puffed my cigaret and thought of all the people I had left be hind and hadn’t been able to say goodby to. For an instant I though of going and visiting them but then realized with a chuckle that seeing me would probably mess them up more than my death had so I walked to the grave yard and lit another coffin nail crawled back in to my hole laughing at this analogy and died but is was more like going to sleep than any thing ells. this time for good now that my enemy was dead I could rest in peace.

Moral don’t kill some one you don’t know they just might return the favor

Dead but not for long


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halloween is where i feel most at home.

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