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I guess some things just need to be clarified – made conditionals.
For instance, just because I believe two adults should have the right to perform incest (so long as not producing a child) does not mean I want to have incest personally.
Just because I believe people should be allowed to do as they please, does not mean I believe in breaking laws. This is not to say laws have not been bent for the betterment of society and mankind in my view, but that for the whole and whole, laws are in place for good reason.
There are certain boundaries which can never be crossed in my eyes, and all the faith in humanity in the world will not excuse them from being critical lines where they lie.
Overly trusting in man to understand my intentions has caused me all kinds of miscommunications. To say something, to do something, and to think something are all different measures, with their own set of consequences: Once something is said, it cannot be unsaid, obviously. Some things are really best unsaid, so shut your mouth. Mouths can lead to the most harmful of misunderstandings. Once something is done, it cannot be undone, but this can lead to so much worse that words can describe; certain things must never, ever be done. Thoughts for their own part are relatively harmless, unless, in some cases, voiced, or in particular cases, may you be damned, acted upon.
So I take back for matter of clinical definition my claim of being a sociopath in thought. I attempted to change the meaning of a word which had too great a weight to carry, and it has crushed me on occasion since. I am not a sociopath.
That is all.


  • Arcadia Tempest
    Arcadia Tempestalmost 3 years ago

    I understand what you set out to do well as much as I can glean from what I read here.
    Communication is so often fraught with hidden hiccups and unknown thought processes SO yes some things are indeed perhaps best unsaid or said where the communicators can occupy the same room to see all communications such as body language, tone of voice etc.
    Hope your clarification here is received with the well intent I have chosen to believe it was offered in. :)

  • Anne van Alkemade
    Anne van Alkemadealmost 3 years ago

    Gordon, I agree so much. But thinkers, philosophers, academics and so on are often misunderstood in this way. I have extreme and radical views deep down that usually remain deep down. People who know me, I think, would be shocked that I have certain views. But like you say, having a thought or theoretical construct within one’s thinking does not have the same context as the verbal expression or the act. I think, for example, there are far too many people on this world which is doing immeasurably damage on the whole, but I do not condone ‘culling’. I love animals, but eat them. And I believe in natural selection, yet have had life saving surgery. In post apocalypse I would not survive and I doubt my daughter would either because of her disabilities. Being a deep thinker can be a treacherous thing when we are brave enough to put the idea ‘out there’. xxx

  • Anne van Alkemade
    Anne van Alkemadealmost 3 years ago

    PS I have always admired you and your courage.