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" We are all dying artists, trying to prove our hardest,
that poems are still carried by bards bringing news.
Traveling, loving words — knowing of nothing to lose.

Modern day… so tell me I’m wasting. I’ll be up all night…
killing myself slowly finding words all humans once in did delight.
Suffer for the art if it comes time to prove your loyalty.

When we finally read what is written, all but their lips will it move.
Many youth find means to demean an idea of cool verse…
if our art is not blessed, then I proudly bow to this curse. "

Time for a clean slate. Been here before, will be here again… If you remember me and want to read or see something I’ve previously done – say the Tarot Series (though it is going to be revised), or a work I’ve previously written – let me know and I’ll repost it. Otherwise, everything else will be new.

You know I love you all. My life somehow began here, and though I’ve said things which often brought contempt or were just plain unfair, RB is my family, and family is forever.

- Gordon Merrick Justice

  • Age: 33
  • Joined: August 2011


The Pool of All Religion

This pool is no ones and everyone’s… however, if it is to be of all men and women, it requires the voices of all religions, theologies, faiths, sciences, and atheistic stands. For this reason I am looking for people of all thought who are interested in taking on Administrative rolls. If you feel you have something to say, and feel you can say it without denigrating anyone or anything,…
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I Get High Off You - For Bradley

I get a little stoned off you, / when you present yourself to me, / or I hear your voice… / I get a bit fucked up. / It’s sometimes a long distance contact high. / I get a little fucked by you, / because you seem a lot like me… / In too many various ways to mention. / So I stop on that dime, / because you make me high all the time, / whenever you’re in the air. / And it…
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Something Old, Something New...

I’m just writing to say I’m going to be editing and posting some of my older works for a while in an effort to recall the muses. A writer’s block has had me down for some time now, and I hope this exercise will loosen it up a bit. Please feel free to read and comment on works, even if you’ve read them before.
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I guess some things just need to be clarified – made conditionals. / For instance, just because I believe two adults should have the right to perform incest (so long as not producing a child) does not mean I want to have incest personally. / Just because I believe people should be allowed to do as they please, does not mean I believe in breaking laws. This is not to say laws have not been b…
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