Something written can be read in a multiple of ways.
Something spoken can only be taken as it’s said.
Something shown can be seen in different colours.
Something we touch can vanish into nothing.
When we have so many senses, why do we tend to jump the highest fences.
Something we taste, ends up in waste
Something we smell can hurt like hell
Something’s we hear, are way too loud
Why do we have our heads in the clouds.
When we have so many senses
Why do we tend to jump the highest fences.

© ® m dingli

Leasing Art Program

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A new slide show

Dear friends,
I am sending this link to let all know about this great site where you can show your art to the world.
Enjoy my slide show and please comment at will. All criticisms good as well as bad are welcome
Thank you and have a great day
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