Proud to present...

… the talented and creative artist Craig Maguire who has kindly agreed to this exclusive interview ! :))))

Craig is an exceptional young man with a real passion for photography (who introduced me to rb – thanks! :)))))

By way of introduction here he is in action catching a shot of the talented ‘Plum’ at our local Eastgate theatre..these are my rubbish shots of his back and a peek at his current exhibition in the prestigous Broughton Gallery, near Peebles in Scotland where he is the only photographic artist alongside many from other media.

• How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

It tends to mean I’m very poor most of the time :) poor but happy. Also forces me to explore different areas in both photography and design. This last week I’v spent hours on adobe Photoshop, in-design and fireworks creating designs for t shirts which iv been thoroughly enjoying, first time playing about with my own designs rather than photographs. I tend not to have a particular style yet as im very interested all different styles, my original passion was for landscapes, now I find myself photographing everything from portraits to abstracts. I’m also very keen to do some star trails shots as its all aspects I’v never tried and every aspect makes you learn new things about how the camera works under different conditions.

• Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful?
This is an entirely impossible question, Redbubble’s community has soo many talented andgenuinly lovely people on it , however just being able to look through all the amazing artwork on a daily basis makes my time on redbubble constantly special and meaningful. I am also on other sites such as deviantart and the level of talent and friendly atmosphere here on redbubble definitely surpasses them all.

• Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you?

Very hard, but here goes…

1. The Watermans House by Chris Clark which has such great colours reflections and composition:

2. Snow by Eddy Charlton has excellent shadow detail and the strong lines from the street light give it a surreal feel:


3.The Dancer blue which is such a great design by TanisGDesign who is new to red bubble.

4.Wee Boat by Robin Brown for its fantastic colour and composition:

5. * Joy Ride*
by Jake Easley is the technically and compositionally brilliant image that made me start exploring the world of HDR:

DS: Wow! great choices! Thank you SO much Craig for your great interview ! I’m just so glad you agreed to do it!!

And thanks everyone for reading this.

BREAKING NEWS See Craigs latest picture


And don’t forget to check out the rest of Craigs’ awesome gallery here
for heaps more work like this:

Oops nearly forgot to put the plug in …

Craigs work can also be seen in the Eastgate Theatre studio in Peebles til 2/8/08 alongside other local bubblers: Robin Brown,
*"photobymdavey*":, Andrew Blackie and Ian Porter

Thanks so much for looking !



  • joak
    joakabout 6 years ago

    ta ding love hearin aboot other folk keep it up

  • lianne
    lianneabout 6 years ago

    Fantastic interview Maggie and so glad you introduced us to this amazing talent and through him to so many more! Lovely thing to do!

  • Jake Easley
    Jake Easleyabout 6 years ago

    Great interview. Craig has some beautiful pieces in his gallery!

    Craig, if you read this, thanks so much for the kind words. There’s no better compliment than having another artist tell you that you inspire them!

  • Jake I can’t thank you enough for popping in! Craig will be thrilled and having browsed through your amazing gallery now I can see how he made the perfect choice – your inspiring work just left me speechless at your talent on every page ! cheers mate and thanks again – hoping everyone gets to see more of your fantastic work!

    – dinghysailor1

  • Sensiworld
    Sensiworldabout 6 years ago

    Great !

  • JLDunn
    JLDunnabout 6 years ago
    Awesome d! He’s quite talented….
  • Tainia Finlay
    Tainia Finlayabout 6 years ago

    Fascinating ding, very well done, a great insight into one of RB’s best!

  • hcroft
    hcroftabout 6 years ago

    Brilliant and looking forward to seeing the exhibition and hopefully meeting Craig
    ps you cannot fail to be creative where you live

  • budrfli
    budrfliabout 6 years ago

    Great interview, i love this idea, and have enjoyed meeting new people through the interviews!

  • Sean Farragher
    Sean Farragherabout 6 years ago

    well done,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • dinghysailor1
    dinghysailor1about 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone for your visits and great comments ! I am just delighted that you are getting to know Craig better! He is so modest and kind and a fantastic artist too.
    I agree with you all that is a fantastic way to meet new people and forge new links ! Don’t know who started it up but its a really really great idea!
    Cheers and thanks so much again !
    ding :)))