HI! My name is Katie Hoisington. ( or Dimples to everyone who knows me!) Im a self tuaght artist, who lives in West Michigan w/ my husband, Andrew Hoisington and our almost 2year old son, Ayden. Subsquently chasing after him all day forces my creative juices to happen at nap time or after 11pm! I only started a bubble profile after much urging from my husband and many encouraging commets left on a photo I took (the worst photo ever) he displayed on his page. So here I am. I have always been passionate about art, and only just started exploring photography. I love to snap photos of what I see, as beauty at that moment ,at least when i can pry the camera out of my husband’s hands! Mostly I feel more comfortable w/ a blank canvas in front of me and paintbrush in hand rather than a camera. Most of my work is mixed media. I love finding new objects or evryday items to incorperate into my work. Be it for added texture a collage style peice or some added whymsey. I really like creating all forms of art and like wise appreciate all diffrent genres. So thanks for taking a look at my porfile any feed back or comments would be great. hope you Enjoy it as much as i did creating it. I sell only original art peices,b/c i feel the detail & texture etc look much better on the “real thing” if intersted send me a message. and again enjoy!

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