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Halloween greetings.. late for us aussies i know :)

Hey hey my Lovelies! Happy Halloween!
Missed you all!

Feels strange not being here socialising and networking n all that jazz, been a few months now…
Surgery went well.. all healed up.. on the road to better!
Zafyre is doing Awesome! Beyond Awesome! B-Awesome! (we’ve been watching alot of Bolt the superdog!)
I swear I know the Cars movie (pixar) of by heart now lol, I could recite the entire length movie to you, with all the music bits too lol… Zafyre is obsessed with the film, she loves it alot! I bought her some of those die cast cars from “Cars”
with the eyes n everything, they’re so cute! Oh and Monsters Inc… another of her faves.. another one permanently engraved into my brain :)
So, Was halloween last night here.. we had the gates closed so we didnt see any trick or treaters… Have to have the gates closed when me and zaffy are out front playing, that way she wont run out onto the road.. but the trick or treaters were not game enough to open the gate lol. So I ate the chocolate! haha!

Big storm came over too… wicked weather we’re having here.. HOT days and stormy nights. love it! Its so energising, electric weather!
Winter just does my head in but come on to these warmer months and the world rocks! Feelin the good vibes.
Discovered Ebay the other month lol, so been over there getting everyones xmas pressies! This time of year always gets hectic as we have my mums bday in october, my mans in november, My daughters birthday in december and then xmas! oh and theres also my mates bday in dec the day before my daughters (also my bro in laws too up in qld) and zaffys best friends bday in november.. Sooo many events! Busy Bee Time :) and then New Years aswell where the boys are meant to be playing at some party but one of the guys is being a slack arse and not getting past the “gonna” stage of organising lol… Really they need to actually have a few jams first before they’ll be able to pul off a set..we keep telling him so, he has an open invite to bring round the drums or his guitar.. we have like 4 guitars here.. (the organ too lol) but said bloke is a little all over the place and time is getting low… oh well.. happens sometimes, that whole wanting to be organised and nothing eventuates…. Good luck to them! mainly cos their music taste is so different.. will be interesting to see how it all works out.. I’m sure they’ll alll have fun regardless!
Hmn… not much else happening… The process of healing can be slow and a tad aggravating.. but I’ve gotten past the point of needing to rely on anyone n all that jazz so things are looking up!

So yea.. Time is just flying at an increasing rate.. I know when I was younger they told me time got quicker as you got older but you never actually really realise the GRAVITY of that reality until youre living it lol.. My daughter’s Three in another month and a half… Sometimes I get this sense of urgency to spend as much time with her as possible during these moments of her becoming who she is.. I dont want to miss any of it! One of the reasons why I’m a stay at home mumma and I’ve never put her in daycare! I dont trust those places anyhow but thats another story… And yes i know i’m biased and a proud mummy, but everyone that knows her, meets her, remarks how polite she is, and well behaved, intelligent, funny and a really happy child! She’s meant to be going thru her “terrible twos” and yes, she has perfected the act of the tantrum :) but overall, she is amazing and I could never of wished for a better child. Oh I just love her!
So yea… Happy Halloween To you All my Lovelies!
Hope you had a great night (those of us this side of the world) and hope the rest of you have a great night (when time catches up with your part of the world)
Peace N Luv Trippaz!

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