Never stop chasing your dreams!

A very, very big congratulations to all of the artists who are currently on the homepage as part of my Chasing Dreams layout.

This layout (like all of my layouts) has a lot of meaning for me, and I am honoured to be able to feature such amazing talent to help me tell a story.

The layout is about chasing your dreams, never forgetting them… well as our own personal freedom…….the freedom of our mind.
There is one thing that no-one can stop us from doing…..even when we are facing oppression, abuse, pessimisim, depression, negativity………when all of our other choices & rights have been taken away from us…….and even our feelings are being dictated……… the midst of all of this and sometimes in our darkest hour, no-one can ever, ever, ever stop us from DREAMING!

Much love, Luisa xx

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