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Where's Luisa?? Travelling around the world and winning silver medals!

Time to touch base with all of my RB friends again! I have missed you all!
3 months away from RedBubble, and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the floods of messages in my inbox when I logged on this morning!…

“Where are you??”………that’s what most of your messages said!

I have been so busy working on projects and travelling that I didn’t even realise that three months have gone by. Lots and lots of fashion projects and events here in Melbourne have kept me busy, once I made the decision to take my business in this direction.

2 Silver AIPP Awards in the wedding album category managed to put big smiles on my face too!

I then had the wonderful opportunity to travel through Vietnam, photographing and experiencing the amazing people and their culture.

After that, it was off to Paris…….which turned o

Fashion Photography as Art


If you are interested in this genre of art, come and join my new group Fashion Photography as Art.

Fashion has always been very important to me…….personally and culturally. Being Italian, I come from a place where fashion is not only loved, but it is respected. What we wear has always been important for me. I believe that we become the canvas for displaying objects of art.

Fashion is a fine artform and it’s about more than just items of clothing…..it’s an artistic representation……which is why I enjoy fashion photography so much. I believe it’s a wonderful medium to define and represent this idea.

I am currently in talks with the new clothing label, Matovic and I will be shooting their next ad campaign. Matovic specialise in leather wear….it’s funky, edgy and little left of centre

Starting Life Again


Today is Easter……..so I thought it was a good time to post this journal.

For those that celebrate Easter, it can represent various things for different people. For me, it is symbolic of starting life again. A chance for new life, new beginnings, a new breath of air.

I have not been very active here on RedBubble for the past year……I have been starting my life again too……more in a symbolic sense, than a physical one. I have been working to rid myself of all that has been toxic in my life…..and instead, I have been inviting in that which is nourishing and enriching.

I have been very focused on my work in the past year, working day and night to build my business. I have now left teaching and I am working full time in photography & design…….with lots and lots of projects on the go. I

Never stop chasing your dreams!

A very, very big congratulations to all of the artists who are currently on the homepage as part of my Chasing Dreams layout.

This layout (like all of my layouts) has a lot of meaning for me, and I am honoured to be able to feature such amazing talent to help me tell a story.

The layout is about chasing your dreams, never forgetting them…..as well as our own personal freedom…….the freedom of our mind.
There is one thing that no-one can stop us from doing…..even when we are facing oppression, abuse, pessimisim, depression, negativity………when all of our other choices & rights have been taken away from us…….and even our feelings are being dictated………..in the midst of all of this and sometimes in our darkest hour, no-one can ever, ever, ever stop us from DREAMING!

Much love, Luisa xx

it feels good to be "home".......:)

After some time away from RB due to work & family commitments, it has been lovely coming back and “checking-in” to find some nice surprises!…

Firstly, a big thank you to RB for choosing another of my layouts for the homepage and a big congratulations to all of the artists who had their work featured.

Turn My Heart to Stone

Also, a big, big thank you to those of you who have purchased my new calendar:

You can feel the magic in your soul in Italy…

And thank you to all of the people who have bought other works of mine over the past few weeks. Your support of what I do is greatly appreciated and means so much to me!

And of course thank you, thank you, thank you to the groups who have featured my works! Your recognition of my art motivates me to keep doing what I do!

Once again, a big thank y

I'm here......sort of....:))

Logging in today finally after a few weeks, I was overwhelmed to find my bubblemail inbox overflowing with messages from RedBubble friends.

I haven’t been around much lately and I just wanted to apologise to my friends here for “disappearing”…….as well as a big, big sorry to my group members and my co-hosts for being absent lately.

Aside from dealing with some Italian family dramas, life has been crazier than usual as I have taken on a third job, as well as some major photographic projects……which unfortunately doesn’t leave me a lot of “bubble time!”

But I am here…..checking in every so often…….and sending lots and lots of love to all of my friends here in Bubble World!

Big hugs and lots of Italian kisses,
Luisa xxxxx

it's about culture and unity......

I love the thought that for 1 month every 4 years, the world is united…and that right now, so many people are doing the same thing as me……getting ready to watch the World Cup Final!

It’s more than just football…..the World Cup is about culture and unity!

And I love it!! :))

P.S. GO SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!! (So sorry to all of my Dutch friends…….but it’s a Latin thing! hehehe!)

Stay Safe Melbourne RB friends!

For anyone like me, who lives or works in Melbourne city, we are currently in lockdown as police hunt a dangerous gunman in Melbourne……(very scarily near my home).

So as I watch the police and the news helicopters overhead, hear the sirens and try to entertain my son indoors, I’m sending out my prayers to all of my Melbourne RB friends………..stay safe and STAY INSIDE!!

12 Features in 5 days! Yeah!

THANK YOU to the hosts of the following groups for recognising my work…….and most of all, for making me smile!!

-With Love, Luisa xx

Featured in The Silky Touch
Featured in Focus & Lighting
Featured in Tone It Down
the meaning of words

Featured in Dips & Trips
Perk-U-Late Me

Featured in The Power of Simplicity
Coffee is my Aphrodisiac

Featured in When in Rome
rome’s morning light

Featured in Around the World
Featured in The Weekend Photographer
Featured in Out of the Blue
the philosophy of ethics

Writing Features
Botticelli Woman featured in CORE and Speaking Out.
Look for me where I should not be featured in The Erotic Pen.

Once again……thank you so much for appreciating what it is that I do every day. It means a lot.

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