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Hey Folks,
The interview the ABC did of me following the Corel win, aired in WA last night but I don’t think it goes nationwide until Sunday night on ABC24 at 22:30. So if you’d like to see it, here’s the link.


Hope you approve of the shirt. It was the one I bought to get married in last year (why should girls have all the fun?)


  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Tayloralmost 3 years ago

    Thank you, I found this a most informative and deeply fascinating interview Owen, congratulations on your win, you truly deserve it and I hope you are rewarded with lots of exposure! (love the shirt lol)

  • Thank you Karin. Not really used to doing that kind of thing so I’m glad it worked out okay and that people enjoyed it. Still find it hard to believe I actually won the competition. X

    – DilettantO

  • FacetEyePhoto
    FacetEyePhotoalmost 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting this and for being so candid in the interview. I’m currently working in an 8th grade classroom with students that have Aspbergers and autism and this is very inspiring. I’m hoping that the school hasn’t blocked the website and I can show it to them because they are at a point where they need to make a decision about what careers they would like to try as work programs in high school and so many of them feel that they’re too different to be good enough at anything.

    I did love the shirt but not as much as your calm and lovely personality! Congratulations once again on the win!

  • Thanks so much. I made a point of asking the ABC to include the bit about Asperger’s because I felt it was a very important aspect of my ‘story’ and thought it might be interesting to other Aspies and those who encounter them in some way. Lots of people have mentioned it, so I’m glad I asked! X

    – DilettantO

  • Bryan Freeman
    Bryan Freemanalmost 3 years ago

    WOW! Huge congrats on your win and being interviewed on ABC. Love your work.

  • Thanks Bryan. Never expected to get a spot on a tv prog. I though I might get 5 mins on radio but they decided it would make a good tv spot, so I wasn’t about to argue with them!

    – DilettantO

  • Warren. A. Williams
    Warren. A. Wil...almost 3 years ago

    WOW WOW I knew you could do it MATE, Well done.

    That shirt is just stunning, then the shoes well what can I say and real mode outfit.


  • Thanks Warren. You already know the shirt story The shoes are the ones I usually wear when busking or playing gigs. They usually get more comments than the music! I have three pairs because you can get them any more.

    – DilettantO

  • Trish Meyer
    Trish Meyeralmost 3 years ago

    A great interview Owen … congratulations again on the great, well deserved win !
    Love the shirt … it really suits YOU :)

  • Heheheh … suits ME…. but nobody else eh? Thanks for the kind words Trish. X

    – DilettantO

  • rightasrain
    rightasrainalmost 3 years ago

    Owen, I feel very privileged to know you here on RB. Sounds like a cliche but I mean it and can’t express it any better. Thanks for putting up the vid, I watched it, couldn’t wait til tonight lol…but I’ll video it so we can all watch it together. You express yourself so well, very simply but meaningfully. I especially liked the bit about your painting being calming, and being able to focus for hours. That’s what I do. I love it how clips like this make me identify with certain points and a light bulb goes on. Thank you xxx

  • That’s so very kind of you, thank you. A week or so after this was shot, we moved house and it was a very stressful time for us, so I found a lot of solace in my work.i was expecting there to be a lot of ‘takes’ with me making loads of stuff ups, but there weren’t any. They actually shot around 2 hours of footage but only needed 6:44. I had no idea which bits they would use. But am pleased with the ‘final cut’. Glad you enjoyed it too. X

    – DilettantO

  • Enivea
    Eniveaalmost 3 years ago

    Great interview O :-) Good to see you looking so well.

  • Thanks Enivea. In fact, I was actually quite stressed out. Not because of the interview but we were on the brink of moving house, which as you know is one of the most stressful things you can do. It’s all over now but then it was all I could think about. Glad I hid it pretty well. X

    – DilettantO

  • Mary Campbell
    Mary Campbellalmost 3 years ago

    Wonderful interview, it gives hope to a lot of parents who’s children are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome to have such a talented artist tell them their child has a gift inside that they can use and be so creative.. Love the work, and so glad for you and your win!

  • Thanks Mary, that was my hope. Asperger’s is little understood by most people, let alone the medical profession. As with all forms of autism, there are a lot of misconceptions about Asperger’s and Aspie kids especially have a hard time and lack confidence as a result. It was very important to me that this aspect was highlighted and so I’m very grateful to the ABC for focussing on it as I asked them to. Glad you enjoyed it. X

    – DilettantO

  • Tainia Finlay
    Tainia Finlayalmost 3 years ago

    Dear ‘O’ what a delightful interview! It was great to see you again my friend :) It showcases your work so well illustrating the gift you have and the amount of work that goes in to your images! Congratulations too on you win .. you deserve it!! Take care, T X

  • Hi Tainia and thanks. Sorry for the delay in responding but having just moved house and still living out of boxes…well, you get the idea. Glad you enjoyed it. X

    – DilettantO

  • Jen Wahl
    Jen Wahlalmost 3 years ago

    Fascinating interview… not to mention that my son and I have loved your work (Thomas the Tank Engine) for years and years :) My son suffers from adhd…and has struggled with confidence and bullying… your interview is going to mean a lot to him. Your talent is absolutely incredible. Congrats on your win… it is well deserved.

  • Thanks Jen, If I manage to give just one person, be they child or adult, a little more confidence concerning their autism, then it was all worthwhile. I didn’t discover I was Aspie until a few years ago and so most of my life was spent wondering why I felt ‘different’ to everyone else. Now I just think ‘Vive la difference!’ and if others have a problem with it, I let it be their problem, not mine. X

    – DilettantO