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I am professional illustrator with over 40 years experience. Some years ago, I was responsible for revamping Thomas the Tank Engine’s image and for creating all the artwork for the worldwide merchandise, including over 30 books, for Random House (NY) and Heinemann (UK). This work was done under the pseudonym ‘Owain Bell’ and some examples can still be found on the Net. I worked on this character between the years 1984 and 1994.
I have been working exclusively digitally for around 10 years. I work in a ‘photorealistic’ style, using Corel Painter (vX) in conjunction with a Wacom Touch tablet and pressure sensitive stylus. Although my work is often mistaken for photographs, I do not use photographs for anything other than reference. All artwork is painted in the same way as with traditional media.

My other main interest is music, both listening and playing. I taught myself to play fiddle and play mostly English Country dance music and some Irish, Scottish, American and European. If you are interested to see and hear me playing, search for ‘nemesisguy’ on Youtube or my FB page.

For a quick way to see my artwork available for sale on RB, please visit my Bubblesite Here

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Hey Folks, / The interview the ABC did of me following the Corel win, aired in WA last night but I don’t think it goes nationwide until Sunday night on ABC24 at 22:30. So if you’d like to see it, here’s the link. / \http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-04-13/a-perth-digital-artist-creates-award-winning-images/3949882 / Hope you approve of the shirt. It was the one I bought to get mar…
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Winner? Me?? Nahhhhhh....

Found out today that I have won the GRAND PRIZE (even bigger than ‘First Prize’!!!) in the Corel Asia Pacific Digital Art Competition 2011!!!! Apart from the kudos of winning such a prestigious competition and having my work featured on Corel’s site, I get AU$5k cash and $5k worth of Corel products. I have to say that I really did NOT expect this. I thought I might be up for som…
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WYSIWYG Calendar

As so many of you seemed to enjoy the 12 individual ‘naughty’ photo montage pages I posted a few months back, I’d just like to remind you that all 12 are available for sale on RB as calendar here: / WYSIWYG CALENDAR / Every home should have one. / Mine has. / Here endeth the shameless self promo
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If you are a well adjusted, happy and contented individual, you probably won’t be interested in this entry, but if, like me, none of the above apply (and I know some of you are, if maybe to a lesser degree) then you may find it interesting and possibly useful. / It concerns my recent posting BOHOR REEDBUCK / I commented that the piece took twice as long to paint as usual and that the backgr…
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