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Thanks and Apologies to my Bubble Pals and Groups...

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a lot of features lately and had no time really to sit and post about them in my journal like I’d like to. I truly appreciate all of your wonderful comments and also to the groups who feature my works, I feel truly honoured that you feature me!

The reason I’m so strapped for time is that I’m one month from graduating from design school (BS in Graphic Design), it’s been a long four years, and I’m in the midst of writing my senior thesis paper. One week and a few days after I graduate on June 19, I will be starting on my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology on June 29, so it’s hitting the books and computer again for another year. It’s been really hard but worth it, and I’m just so tired believe you me!!

Redbubble is so good for helping me to relax and upload some of my pictures, it helps me to unwind from my ungodly amount of school work I’m constantly doing. So thank you all for being such ‘bricks’ and being here to look at my photos. You’ve no idea how much I appreciate all of you and your consistent, positive comments to me.

Thanks everyone, see you soon!! ;-)

Zoe ‘digitalmidge’

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