Heavily Increased Sales

I have noticed since Redbuble modified the Gallery to be called and displayed as Shop that my sales have gone up – almost doubling last months previous sales.

I think the main reason is the language and ‘direction’ given to the consumer – as at a Gallery anyone who wants to buy ‘artwork’ will consider it, scratch their heads etc – but when it’s called a shop, you know what you are doing there.

I think this overhaul has done RB a massive justice and I would love to see their behind the scenes stats to see if the sales are increasing across the board.

Great work RB,


Model T-Shirt Display Images

While the cartoon T-shirt display does look good, it would be fantastic if Redbubble could trial the Model T-Shirt Display Images – Basically taking a photo of one guy + girl in slightly different poses (each pose represents 1 t-shirt colour) and using that as our display images.…

I noticed that in the shop ( there is a photo of a guy wearing a blue shirt but when you see the shop its all cartoon style, which I feel lets down the sales.

While I understand the depth and effort this would take (and also that the preview on the sales page is an actual printed shirt), it will be worth it in the end as ‘realistic’ mock-ups tend to sell better – As the saying goes, “The more I can see it, the more I can believe it, and the more I want it”.

View the image i

Don't Forget To Do

The world is big. Our ideas are bigger.

Often, we get caught up in our own heads for so long that we forget to actually ‘do’.

While we should allow ourselves the time to dream and openly discuss our views and ideology with people willing to listen, we should also take note of our own productivity to actively build the structures of thoughts we create in our minds…

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Are You Right?

It’s you. It’s them. It’s everything we know online. It’s how we interact with others, how we connect to our friends and how we create our circles.

Our online personas are crafted by subconscious thought, often borrowing many traits that we hold in our offline actions and thoughts. We use it everyday, yet many don’t take the time to step back and realise if their online persona is the right one for them.

If you are questioning why there is a drop in replies to your Twitter updates, why clients have been….

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For some reason I just had to post that title. It sounded better than “Hey, how’s everyone doing?”

I have been a bit quiet on the Bubble lately as I have had my hands full with other projects but I would love to hear what’s going on in YOUR world?

New car? Moved house? Killed some zombies?

Either way, drop me a reply so I can say hi – it’s too quiet in here!

Branding/Logo Design - Cool!

Hi people who come by and read my journals! How are you? (you can answer in the comments).

Just wanted to let you know I have added another project to my life, and it’s a big one. is my latest venture. In it’s simplest form, BrandMeUp is a web gallery of created brands. Consider it as a creative showcase designed to take the pressure off entrepreneurs in coming up with a business brand on their own. People looking to start-up a new company can browse through our brands and purchase a complete brand package (Logo + Domain) in one go.

In the coming weeks there will be a ton of brands added to the website so please drop back in and check it out!

Oh, and if you are a logo designer and would like to get involved, contact me ;)

- Diesel


To celebrate Redbubble’s general awesomeness, I have decided to drop the price on 8 of my popular t-shirts to the end of August! (Just over 3 weeks!)

Get my 8 t-shirts (jumpers, stickers etc) at a fraction of the cost they normally are, with some designs being up to 30% off their original price!

View my whole collection here -

Or check out the designs on sale:

Thank you for continuing to purchase my designs, follow me and comment. I really appreciate it all. Just for your convenience, I have placed all my 8 sale t-shirts at the front of my portfolio.

Much respect,

Diesel Laws

Ask a question about freelancing...

A total direction change for my website!

Freelancer Unplugged is a user driven Q&A resource about freelancing. The goal of this site is to provide quality answers, solutions, and helpful information about freelancing.

Ask and Answer Questions For Free

Anyone can get involved and ask or answer questions completely free – just use our quick sign up form and you’re good to go!

Check it out!

Making Your Redbubble Profile POP!

Redbubble profiles are often ignored, badly designed or have little information. But for those smart cookies out there, Redbubble profiles are an extremely important portal for selling more of your work by way of ‘connection’.…

Why is your Redbubble Profile so important?
It is either the first thing the viewer will see once going to your page OR it is the page they will view to get to know a bit more about you. With that in mind, keeping your profile fresh, up to date, without too much clutter and “stuff”, you can give your viewers a much better image of who you are.

What should I have on my profile?
For a long time I neglected my profile and had nothing on it (besides a link to my website) due to the constant changes that were going on with my designs. But today I totally re-jigged it and m

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