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Awesome Sauce 503 - Can you draw?

EDIT: We found someone! The incredibly talented Andy Bauer (Art By Andy) – Check the journal and see the new image here!

Hi peeps! Hope all is well with you!

As I have mentioned, I am currently building – A place to share your opinions and earn rewards (with a strong focus on fun visuals).

The website is still being built, however in approx 1-2 months we will release the closed Beta, with only 100 people able to test the website (26 places left).

However, today I ask for something a bit different; A really cool 503 page image – similar in fun to the Twitter Fail Whale and the recent Tumblr page (

Barkles is based around the theme of dogs, with elements such as Barks, Bites, Bones and Territory so I would be looking for a designer to come up with a cool character/characters for the 503 page (very similar style to Tumblr’s page).

503 pages show that a site has gone down, so it could show a cartoon dog ripping paper/digging holes etc. Here is our logo:

And here is a sneak peek into our actual page design:

I am willing to either pay someone for their work or display their link on the 503 page (see Tumblr) -

If you can do this, please place your fee – or if you would rather, the link back to your website (it will generate heaps of traffic if we get overloaded) in the comments section below.

Please share this with people you know who can draw in a similar style to what I am looking for, thanks guys!

- Diesel

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