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Theft is disgusting


I received an email back from one of the Red Eye crew. While I will not share their response here, they did mention they received the design on a usb key. There are a million and one things I could say about this but I will leave those thoughts up to you.

I have been alerted about a recent bought of design theft in a shop in Dublin. It isn’t just my design however, there are a lot of designs that have been stolen including Chris Wahl’s brilliant Chewie and Han shirt.

EDIT #2: No more needs to be said on the matter.


  • Octochimp Designs
    Octochimp Designsover 3 years ago

    Agreed ! and done !
    I can’t believe the comment on the page right under yours. You can tell a lot of stuff has been deleted, but it looks like he’s responding to a copyright complaint by calling the person a baby. wtf?! There must be no law enforcement on that kind of thing in Dublin. I forget which country it was (one of the Asian ones) that was recently in the news relating to a supreme court judge declaring that copyright infringement was only a crime if the perpetrator was intending it to be malicious. What a world we live in !!

  • I think the comment under mine might be another consumer on a totally different matter

    – Diesel Laws

  • LookOutBelow
    LookOutBelowover 3 years ago

    I’m up for this!
    F$%@! em’!

    A lot of my best and most proud work, I don’t show on the net. I’m always worried about things like this. People have no respect.
    But hey, it’s all about money isn’t it?

    Good luck, I’ll spread the word.


  • Why it’s not good that people steal (heck, some people even believe my parody images are stealing – not with fair use) but when they actually run a shop I think it’s a bit disgusting.

    I don’t think however you should be worried about showing your work as this just helps these artists build publicity when they claim their own work back anyway.

    As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity – unfortunately it works in Red Eye’s favour too.

    – Diesel Laws

  • o0OdemocrazyO0o
    o0OdemocrazyO0oover 3 years ago

    lazy mofo’s, how about buy your shirts and then sell them on… must be hard work ripping off designs to a high quality enough to sell on a shirt…

  • Even if they were to buy my shirts and on sell them it would be pointless, as RB’s minimum prices are $25 and they sell them at $15 or so, so a bit pointless.

    – Diesel Laws

    BYRONover 3 years ago

    Given Chris Wahl a link.

    This is definitely a rip-off? The shop didn’t buy stuff from RB and is now on-selling it?

  • Even so, buying $25 tees from a website and onselling for only $15 or so doesnt earn you any profit – so they must be stealing.

    – Diesel Laws

    BYRONover 3 years ago

    If it is copyright violation, its awesome because there they are in a shop… wow you just gotta love people who go to the effort of loading your gun for you.

    This is sooooo much more than someone selling your images online.

  • Normally I wouldn’t worry about it, but when they are that blatant and also have an actual shop – pretty dodgy.

    – Diesel Laws

  • Octochimp Designs
    Octochimp Designsover 3 years ago

    under other circumstances I’d say Byron is being wise to be cautious, but there is something very telling about an employee of the shop saying that he’d received an email complaint about trademark/copyright and then calling the person a cry baby…

  • Ryan-Byrne-Art
    Ryan-Byrne-Artover 3 years ago

    Well done for catching him out guys! Saw the facebook page lol
    what a thieving fool!

  • jfpictures
    jfpicturesover 3 years ago

    Hey Diesel, you should post this issue to this blog!