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Healesville Music Festival

Since I first posted the image below of my brother’s band “The Dukes of Despair” I’ve had a few requests for information on when they’ll be playing live. Well, you’re in luck! The Healesville Music Festival is on Saturday 29th May from 11am to 7pm, and The Dukes are part of the line up for this FREE concert. CLICK HERE to jump to the website for more informat…
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O'Shannassy Aquaduct Trail - Upper Yarra Valley

It’s been a while since I was “out & about”, or even “up & about” since becoming sick a few weeks ago. Finally, I’m feeling somewhat human again, and I was itching to get out with my family (and my camera was a bit of a priority too!). / After an early lunch, and a stroll along the river banks in Warburton, we decided to go check out the O’Shannas…
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Just Dance!

My suggestion for a Homepage spread – check out the thread HERE
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What the hell ??

Bloody hell … enough all ready you bitch Mother Nature!! Have you got PSM or what?? First we endure weeks of stress & destruction (and worse) from fires and now, just a few minutes ago a threw an earthquake our way – it shook our house!! / Take some evening primose oil, slug down a bottle of wine and chill out you bitch!!! Enough!!!!
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