I am an artist living currently in Philadelphia PA. Until recently, my medium consisted of painting acrylic or oil color on canvas, glass, metal and wood. For the most part I specialized in painting recycled material, primarily antique windows. My subject matter depended on my demographic. In the Summer months its always been my tendency to sell my work at various concerts and music/art festivals around the country. Most of my art has the tendency during these travels to focus around the Grateful Dead , Phish, or general Festival Culture communities. When not on the road, I paint some of the subjects that give my life joy and serenity. Nature, yoga and meditative practices, and subjects of a spiritual nature. I have displayed in many Philadelphia galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, yoga studios, art and music festivals and charity fund raisers for various causes. My paintings having the tendency to be large, bulky and fragile often were subject to breakage or other damage during these ventures. This new medium of painting on mixed media papers with the intent to upload and have printed on functional materials is a refreshing new start for me. Needless to say I don’t have to ruin anymore clothes while creating them. However, my inspirations have not changed, and its always been tendency to fall back on what “feels right” when I create. Of course, bills need to paid, so I have painted numerous commissioned pieces (including mural work) that came from the minds of the customer, but its always been my recommendation that they relax , breathe, and trust .“Give me the space to be me and you I won’t let ya’ down.” I find myself very fortunate when able to do what I love and be compensated monetarily. Without this privilege, I’d be laying hot tar on the roofs of tall buildings in the hot Sun again for sure.

Born in Exeter, PA in 1977. Graduated Wyoming Area Secondary Center in 1996. A sailor in the United States Navy, student at Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke PA, While living in Eureka CA, I ventured into the world of Tattoo Arts. After a few years, I just was not feeling inspired by the art or the amount of dedication to that limited medium required to reach full potential. I’ve always felt comfortable painting for a full days work, so I went back to it with a new found enthusiasm. I’ve been at it ever since. In 1998 I saw that an artisan had a glass -top coffee table for sale in a boutique that had designs painted on it from underneath the glass. the table itself was old and had come from a thrift store or possibly a yard sale. I loved this concept. Shortly after I saw a stack of old, wooden framed windows out to the curb in Wilkes-Barre PA. I loaded my 71’ VW bus up with all of them, cleaned them up, and started painting the backs of them. Although I have learned a few tricks to this medium since 1999, I still paint windows to this day, along with many other items.

I have lived in several cities since then, but moved to Philadelphia in 2002 and have been here ever since. I’ve found Philadelphia to be the perfect vibe for me at this time, for many reasons. As famous Chef/Writer Anthony Bourdain put it “Forget Rocky, forget cheesesteaks, Philadelphia is a city that doesn’t take any BS and has more Love and more Heart than anywhere I’ve ever been.” And this great city, for now, is home.
A heartfelt Thank You to all of you who have taken the time to check out my art and my creative intention. I hope my art brings some joy, peace, serenity, and happiness to your home or to someone you give it to. ॐ

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