Another Reason to be Cheerful.

Thank you to the buyer of a canvas print of my image Tay Bridge.

Your purchase made me doubly happy as you have become my hundredth sale on Redbubble. I wanted you to know that I am very thankful for the sale and it is a true honour. Hang it and I hope you enjoy it when Mr. Baxter @ Head of Posting Stuff Out get his act together :-)

Best wishes,


Excited! A Lot :-)

I am thrilled that my team won the league on Saturday and now step up to the top flight of Scottish football. Hopefully we can rebuild the squad with a young manager at the helm and bring a period of stability to the club. I shot over 4500 images at the game and it was an amazing day full of nerves, tension, drama and ultimately joy! My images have gone crazy on my facebook page with over 70,000 clicks in 3 days and just when I am beginning to come down from all the excitement, they go and announce this today!

So, come July it looks like I will get the opportunity to cover the game with England’s champions! I am counting the days lol.


The match day programme which uses my photographs has won the “Best Programme in the Championship”. A great team effort from all involved and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

A wee milestone!

Just noticed my “views” counter and it has rolled over the 200,000 mark overnight.
This is nothing compared to many single images on the Bubble that have had several thousand views alone but I am still amazed at this and wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to click an image and have a look. Your comments and faves spur me on to try and achieve better photography. Thank you all.

Thank you to the Buyers.

A big thank you to the 2 buyers who purchased yesterday and I hope you enjoy the items when they arrive.

Thanks to the auto lover who bought the poster of A Taste of Lime:

And also to the shape and pattern lover who purchased a greeting card of The Roof in Toronto:

Your purchases are VERY much appreciated and always lift my spirit.


Still in Shock!

I simply cannot believe that Adam has chosen me as his artist of the day in this amazing showcase. What a absolute gent to do this off his own back and my thanks go out to him so much. I really can’t believe it still as, after looking through the other people he has featured in the past, I feel truly humbled.

Adam, keep up the great work and I cannot wait to see who you pick next!

Did I say thanks?
Oh, and by the way, Thanks :-)

To the Audi Fan..

Thanks again for the purchase of another poster of my motor. Great news and I am thrilled as always that you have voted with your wallet and chosen my work.
I hope you enjoy it and it sits well with the others on your wall.

All the best to you,


Added a new Wedding Group

For all potential Brides and Grooms, I have added a new group to my profile just for you.
Have a look in the Weddings section to view a small selection of images taken from the weddings I have covered. I can cover all of Scotland and further afield if required and can provide a second shooter if required. Traditional or Reportage coverage to suit you AND your budget. Please feel free to contact me on if you would like to discuss a possible shoot for your big day. Oh… and Congratulations :-)



Big Smiles!!

Thanks to the 2 mystery buyers this week who made me grin like a Cheshire cat.
I hope you enjoy the poster of my Audi as much as enjoy driving it (too fast) and a mention also for the buyer of the photographic print of Times Square in NYC.
Both the purchases are greatly appreciated as I am very aware that you have a vast choice when browsing through The Bubble. This only makes it more special that you have chosen my work. An honour and a pleasure! Enjoy.